How to Make an Origami Shark (Step by Step Instructions)

Origami shark isn’t among the most common origamis, but it is undoubtedly impressive. This tutorial will show you how to make an origami shark craft with step-by-step folding instructions.

how to make origami shark


Hello craftaholics, we’re here with a different kind of craft project this week; we’ll show you how to make origami sharks! Yes, we know you don’t see us crafting origami animals that much, but we are thinking of starting a series of origami animals. Wouldn’t that be fun? You can get your weekly dose of origami fun and therapeutic sessions with the help of our origami series from now on.

Although this isn’t our first origami animal craft, we did post an origami bat tutorial last Halloween. However, this is not a beginner origami shark project, so we suggest you practice or learn basic origami folds before starting this craft.

One origami shark pattern requires only a piece of square sheet. Even if you’re going to use a sheet of A4 paper, it won’t cost a dollar.

how to make origami shark

How to Make Origami Shark



  • Colored craft paper

Tools (Optional)

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

If you don’t have square paper, you can measure, trace and cut out a piece of square paper using a ruler, a pencil, and a pair of scissors.

Origami Shark Instructions

Step 1: Base Folding and Creases

Take the square paper and make half folds diagonally to create creases.

Fold any one of the 2 large triangle parts (divided by any one of the diagonal creases). Unfold again. Now we have all the base creases ready.

origami shark step 1

Step 2:

Fold the square paper in half along the diagonal crease considered in the previous step.

Now, create a 2 cm straight fold along the closed side of the half-folded paper pattern.

origami shark step 2

Step 3:

Unfold the 2 cm fold and also the half fold.

Keeping the middle crease below, fold up the 2 sides of the 2cm deep creases upwards.

origami shark step 3

Step 4:

Flatten the paper pattern by keeping the 2 cm parts in the middle.

Let’s work on the flap with the crease from step 1. Hold the open side of the flap (non-parallel to the crease), fold it inside, and align it with the closed side.

origami shark step 4

Step 5:

Now, unfold and fold the other open side similarly to create creases.

Unfold the last fold too.

origami shark step 5

Step 6:

Fold the last 2 folds together and make a fold along their middle crease as well.

Flatten the middle triangle part with the rest of the pattern. Similarly, fold the other side (flap) 0f the flap.

origami shark step 6

Step 7:

Now, open the half fold and flatten the pattern.

Fold in the 2 triangle parts on both open ends of the current pattern.

origami shark step 7

Step 8:

Turn the current pattern to the other side.

Fold up 1/3 of any one side of the pattern.

origami shark step 8

Step 9:

Open the small triangle fold at the open end.

Consider the 2 diagonal sides from the open end. Create half folds along with them and then unfold to leave cease marks.

origami shark step 9

Step 10:

Make folds along the 2 crease lines from the previous step and then intersect them with the middle fold. This will create a pointy triangle part on the current pattern.

Now, fold the pattern in half, keeping the pointy triangle placed outside.

origami shark step 10

Step 11:

Fold out the top flap along the parallel crease.

This is what the pattern looks like on the other side after folding out the flap along the parallel crease.

origami shark step 11

Step 12:

Similarly, fold the other side of the flap along the parallel crease.

Hold the open triangle part and fold it in half.

origami shark step 12

Step 13:

Fold the triangle pattern one more time, inwards.

Now, turn the origami shark pattern to the other side and similarly, fold the open triangle part of that side.

origami shark step 13

Step 14:

The current pattern has 1 wide side and 1 narrow side now. The wide side is the front side of the origami shark. Fold the top flap parallel-wise, from the wide side.

Turn the pattern to the other side and similarly, fold the flap parallel-wise.

origami shark step 14

Step 15:

Now, fold the last 2 folds inwards.

Open the middle fold and flatten the current origami shark pattern.

origami shark step 15

Step 16:

Let’s work on the straight side of the current pattern. Fold the top half of the open side along the middle crease and then do the same for the other half.

Turn the current pattern to the other side.

origami shark step 16

Step 17:

Fold the pattern in half and make sure that the triangle parts are facing outside.

Create creases on the backside of the origami shark pattern by folding the pattern along the open sides of the diagonal edges (of the top part). Unfold the diagonal folds and fold them back inside, between the layers.

origami shark step 17

Step 18:

We will work on the small triangle part on the backside of the origami shark. Now, fold on the small triangle along the bottom edge of the pattern. 

Unfold and fold them inside.

origami shark step 18

Step 19:

Follow the same technique one last time to complete the tail fin of the origami shark pattern.

origami shark step 19

Step 20: Completing the Pattern

Done folding the tail fin part? 

Fold any one side of the tail fin to 45 degrees or a little more to complete the origami shark pattern.

folding origami shark step 20

Folding Origami Shark: Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips if you’re having difficulty crafting the origami shark.

  • Use a piece of square paper for the origami shark pattern.
  • Like we always say, make sure that the base folds are neatly done.
  • We would suggest you practice basic origami folds if you’re a beginner because this origami project level is difficult.

How to fold origami shark

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This origami shark pattern is quite difficult. If you’re looking forward to learning and practicing origami pattern folding, then this project is perfect for you! This origami shark project is also perfect for a craft therapy session, spare some time on a weekend and enjoy the craft. If you do re-create our origami sharks, please do tag us on Facebook or Instagram (use #thecraftaholicwitch).

Happy Crafting!

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