How to Make Paper Heart Ring (Folding Instruction + Video)

Looking for something cute and unique for your Valentine? We have the perfect and cutest solution, learn how to make paper heart rings with the help of today’s tutorial.

how to make paper heart ring

Origami heart rings are simple but elegant and a great way to add a touch of whimsy and creativity to any gift. Plus, these are unique and charming piece of jewelry that is perfect for expressing your love and affection for someone special.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or anniversary or just a special day for a loved one; a cute origami ring can surely bring a smile to that special person’s face.

To make an origami heart ring, you will need a square piece of paper that has 2 different colors on each side of the sheet; that way the heart shape will pop from the ring band. This paper ring heart project is an intermediate-level craft, but beginners can do it after several practices.

You can make up to 6 origami heart rings from an A4 size sheet. The cost doesn’t even cross a dollar. The time required to make it would depend on the skill of the maker, varying from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. You may even use sticky notes to make paper heart rings following the same technique.

how to make paper heart ring

How to Make Paper Heart Ring

List of Supplies


This origami project does not require any tool unless you’re using a sheet that has the same color on both sides. In that case, you will need a sharpie to fill the heart part of the ring to make it pop.


  • Craft paper or origami paper – light or medium-light

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Base Folding

Take a piece of square paper and keep the colored side on the back. Fold it in half vertically and then unfold it again. Now align any one open side with the middle crease and fold. Fold the folded side in half.

Step 1: Base Folding of origami heart ring

Step 2: Base Folding (Cont.)

Similarly, fold the other side. Now unfold all the folds. Now, fold the square paper in half along the other side (horizontally) and then unfold. Notice the thinnest crease created in step 1, and fold the square sheet along a thin crease on any one open side.

Step 2: Base Folding (Cont.)

Step 3: Starting the Heart

Turn the pattern to the other side (the colored side).  Fold a corner (of the closed/folded side) inside and align it with the horizontal half-crease. Similarly, fold the opposite corner. Turn the pattern to the other side again.

Step 3: Starting the Heart

Step 4: Working on Heart Pattern

Fold up the pointy side along the adjacent crease and turn the entire pattern to the other side. This part is a bit tricky so pay attention. Carefully lift up the right flap and bring the inner (closed) side outwards. Keep an eye on the thin crease lines; align the fold along the crease line near the outer side.

Step 4: Working on Heart Pattern

Step 5: Working on Heart Pattern

Flatten the right side with the pattern. Similarly, fold the left side. Fold 1/3 of the right flap inwards, diagonally. Similarly, fold the left flap.

Step 5: Working on Heart Pattern

Step 6: Working on Ring Band

Fold and tuck in the corner side of the flaps inside the fold (pocket) below it. The heart shape is complete and secured now. Let’s work on the square part of the origami pattern. Fold the square side along the thin creases.

Step 6: Working on Ring Band

Step 7: Working on Ring Band

Keep folding the square part along the thin creases until it reaches the bottom side of the heart shape. Coil the band part of the origami heart ring and join the open ends. You can insert one open side into the other open side but there’s a bigger chance of the band coming out. Use glue to join the sides and complete the paper heart ring.

Step 7: Working on Ring Band

Video Tutorial: How to Make Paper Heart Rings – Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

If you find the picture tutorial difficult to follow, you can check out the video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, we post more fun and cute craft tutorials there!

How to Make Paper Rings Heart: Tips for Beginners

Confused or stuck between steps? Check out these tips on how to make paper rings heart, we hope you find them helpful.

  • Measure ring size in cm and then add 2 cm extra to prepare a square (1:1) sheet. For example, my ring size is 6cm so I used 8cm x 8cm square sheet.
  • Use paper that has 2 different colors on 2 sides for a better design.
  • Use light or medium-light craft papers for this origami project.
  • Apply glue to join the open sides of the origami ring if it keeps coming out.

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Overall, making an origami heart ring is a fun and easy activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to express your creativity and make something unique and special to wear. If you re-create this origami heart ring with the help of our instructions, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram (use #thecraftaholicwitch).

Have a wonderful day!

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