How to Make an Origami Panda (Easy Folding Instructions)

Pandas are the cutest, aren’t they? Do you want to know how to make a panda out of a sheet of paper? In this easy step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make an origami panda with detailed instructions.

how to make an origami panda

Greetings Craftaholics! Last time we made an origami dove, and today we will make an origami panda that also represents Peace and Harmony. 

Just like doves, origami panda crafts can be a very suitable craft to make on many occasions and events, like birthdays, Children’s Parties, Chinese New Year, Earth Day, and the list goes on. Or you can just make them as your mindfulness and meditation practice. 

The basic origami pattern for this craft requires only a piece of square white sheet but to give the pattern a panda look, you’ll need sharpies and some craft papers. Considering these as basic craft supplies and available in most households, the cost for this craft is less than a dollar!

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Things You’ll Need


  • Origami paper
  • Craft paper
  • Craft glue


  • Sharpies
  • A pair of scissors

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Step by Step Instruction to Make Origami Panda

Step 1: Basic Folds and Creases

Like most of the origami crafts, this one also requires a piece of square sheet. Since we’re making an origami panda, prepare a piece of square sheet from white origami paper or stationery paper. Fold the square sheet in half and then unfold; this will leave a half crease.

Now, hold any open side of the half crease and fold that side along the half crease. Similarly, fold the other side of the crease. Fold the current pattern in half, horizontally. Unfold the horizontal fold.

Origami Panda Step 1

Step 2: Another Basic Fold and Crease

Hold any one short side of the last half-crease and join it along the crease, inside. Unfold again.

Step 3: Dividing Body and Head Parts

Fold the current pattern along its previous horizontal half-crease. Now, fold in the closed side of the pattern and align it with the crease formed in step 3. Unfold the last fold and fold out the top layer of the pattern along the last crease.

Step 4: Folding Closed Corners

Fold the closed corners of the flap part in the middle of the pattern.

Step 5: Form the Body Part

Unfold the corners. Carefully open the right side of the current pattern and align it along the middle of the pattern (parallel to the right side).

Step 6: Forming the Hands

Similarly, fold the left side of the origami pattern. Fold out the right side of the square part diagonally, so that a triangle part of it crosses the outline. This will be the hands of the origami panda.

Similarly, fold the left side of the pattern to form the left hand. Turn the current pattern to the other side.

Step 6: Forming the Hands

Step 7: Fold out the Flap

Hold the square part (flap) of the current pattern and fold it to the opposite side along the closed crease.

Step 8: Forming Diagonal Creases

The current pattern should have 2 diagonal sides along the top. Notice the yellow marked lines in the 2nd picture of this step.

Make folds along the lines. Unfold the diagonal folds.

Origami Panda Step 8

Step 9: Form a Box Shape

Fold out the open sides of the current pattern along the straight creases and the last 2 diagonal creases. This should form a box shape.

Step 10: Forming the Head Base

Flatten the box shape neatly with the rest of the origami pattern to form the head base.

Step 11: Forming the Ear Crease

Flatten the current pattern neatly and then turn it to the other side. Fold the right side of the head base along the inner crease. Fold the top right corner of the closed right side.

Origami Panda Step 11

Step 12: Forming the Right Corner

Unfold the right corner fold and fold it inwards along the creases.

Step 13: Forming the Right Ear

Fold the right part halfway outside and flatten the middle part neatly.

Step 14: Forming the Rest of the Panda Pattern

Notice the yellow marked lines on the picture of this step. Make folds along these lines. Similarly, fold the left side of the pattern to form the left ear and bottom left part of the head.

Turn the origami pattern to the other side (right side).

Origami Panda Step 14

Step 15: Prepare Paper Patterns

Trace and cut out paper patterns from black paper for the origami panda’s ears, hands, and eyes. Use craft glue to attach the patterns to the origami panda pattern.

Step 16: Use Sharpies for the Rest of the Details

Use black sharpies to draw the paws along the bottom side of the body part and to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth line of the origami panda pattern. Use a pink sharpie to add blush spots on both cheeks to complete the craft.

Watch the Complete Video Tutorial

Tips for Beginners on How to Make a Origami Panda

Check out these tips if you’re having difficulty crafting the origami panda

  • The initial base folds need to be done neatly so that the creases turn out neatly.
  • Making neat folds is the key to making the perfect origami craft.
  • This origami pattern is symmetrical, so try to make folds and creases of both sides evenly.
  • Use paper cutouts for the ears, eyes, and hands instead of sharpies; it tends to look better that way.

As you have read this far, I hope you liked our tutorial on how to make origami panda. If you have made the craft, please share pictures of your versions of the origami cats with us if you give them a try. You can share your picture with the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or just DM your picture to us on Instagram or Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!

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