How to Fold an Origami Snowflake (Easy Instructions + Video)

If you’re looking for cool but easy to make at home, try making this origami snowflake; It’s perfect for Christmas, winter, or any time you want to add some festive flair! Learn how to fold an origami snowflake with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

origami snowflake

We’re pretty close to Christmas. How are your preparations going so far? Folding origami snowflakes is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. They make great decorations for the home. 

This origami snowflake ornament is easy considering how difficult the pattern looks, you’ll be surprised when you find out! All you need is some paper and a glue stick and you’ll be good to go. It isn’t 100% beginner friendly, but it isn’t too difficult either.

This snowflake origami project requires paper and glue only, and shouldn’t cost you more than a dollar to craft a couple of origami snowflakes.

how to fold origami snowflake

How to Fold a Snowflake Origami

List of Supplies

  • Craft paper
  • Glue

Step-by-Step Origami Snowflake Folding Instructions

Step 1: Basic Fold

Prepare a piece of square sheet. We’re using a 10 cm x 10 cm sheet.

Fold the square sheet in half diagonally.

origami snowflake instruction step 1

Step 2: Basic Folds and Creases

Unfold the half-diagonal fold.

Hold any one of the sides and fold it along the diagonal crease.

origami snowflake instruction step 2

Step 3: Forming the Base Shape

Similarly, fold the adjacent-opposite side of the sheet. The edge of both folded sides should align along the diagonal crease.

Fold in the triangle part below the current pattern.

origami snowflake instruction step 3

Step 4: Unfold the Base Shape

Unfold the 2 sides but keep the triangle part (on the bottom side) as it is. Fold the half (right side)of the bottom side inwards, folding it 45 degrees inwards.

origami snowflake instruction step 4

Step 5: Fold the Right Side

Let’s work on the right side first. After folding the right side of the bottom side, now, fold in the right side by aligning it with the diagonal crease.

This should form a triangle flap in the middle (on the right side). Flatten the flap with the bottom side of the current pattern.

origami snowflake instruction step 5

Step 6: Fold the Left Side

Similarly, fold the left side of the current pattern. Use your fingertips to smoothen the creases.

Fold up the triangle flaps.

origami snowflake instruction step 6

Step 7: Form the Sides

Fold out the inner side of the sides (left and right parts). Fold them in half and align them with the outer edge

origami snowflake instruction step 7

Step 8: Turn the Pattern

Turn the current origami pattern to the other side. Hold the right side of the bottom part.

origami snowflake instruction step 8

Step 9: Open and Fold the Sides

Open that side and align it with the middle crease of the current pattern. Similarly, open and fold the other side.

Turn the pattern to the other side again.

origami snowflake instruction step 9

Step 10: Open the Sides of the Middle Point

The middle part of the current origami pattern should have 2 flaps. Open and fold them along the point’s outer edge.

Open and fold both sides of the middle part. This is a point of our origami snowflake, it’s ready.

origami snowflake instruction step 10

Step 11: Craft More Points and Join Them

Follow the previous steps to craft 5 more origami snowflake points.

Use glue to join the points together side by side.

origami snowflake instruction step 11

Step 12: Join Points and Form Snowflake.

Try to overlap each origami snowflake point evenly, so that the final snowflake looks nice.

origami snowflake instruction step 12

Origami Snowflake: Video Tutorial

Having difficulty catching up with the instructions? Don’t worry, you can check out the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Origami Snowflake Folding: Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips if you’re having difficulty crafting origami envelopes.

  • Use medium light craft papers for this origami project. Do not use light or thick paper.
  • Use 6 pieces of square sheets of the same size.
  • Make the initial folds neatly.
  • Use glue to join the points; even if you tuck them into each other, they come out easily.

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Origami projects are always fun and with every new origami project, we learn something new and improve our origami folding skills. We loved coming up with this fun origami snowflake pattern and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! We really hope that you’ll enjoy the tutorial and the craft too. If you re-create our origami snowflake, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram (use #thecraftaholicwitch).

Happy Crafting!

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