How to Make a Heart Necklace with Wire for Beginners + Video

Handmade heart necklaces are the perfect gift for your loved ones, but making them as beginners isn’t easy. So, in this tutorial, we will share how to make heart necklaces in the most beginner-friendly manner.

How to Make a Heart Necklace with Wire

Hello Craftaholics, can you feel the Love in the air? We sure do and that’s why we’re sharing this adorable wire heart pendant necklace tutorial to celebrate the love!

Handcrafted jewelries hold sentimental and artistic value. The crafting process can also be therapeutic and satisfying for craft lovers. Craft one for a loved one or for yourself; use it as a pendant, charm, keyfob, earring, or anything you like; get crafty and creative with our wire heart pennant project!

If you are a complete beginner in jewelry making then working with wires might be little difficult for you. But if you have basic wire bending and twisting skills, you can make it following our tutorial. So, do not hesitate, grab all the listed supplies and get started!

how to make pendant with wire

How to Make a Heart Necklace with Wire

Things You’ll Need



Wire Heart Supplies

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Step by Step Instructions

Take the wire bundle and hold the wire from its open end. Take a ruler and place it on a flat surface. We’re using 8 inches of wire for the heart pendant. Hold the open end of the wire at the 8-inch point and mark the 1-inch point of the ruler on the wire.

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

Use a marker to mark the 1-inch point on the wire or you can use your fingertips to hold the point. Use a pair of cutting pliers to cut the wire from the bundle at the 1-inch marked point.

Step 3: Making the 1st Loop

Take the looping pliers and hold the wire firmly near the end. Hold the wire very close to the end with the looping pliers.

Circle the end of the wire once with the pliers to make a small loop. Once the loop is formed, use the flat-nose part of the pliers to close the loop by pressing the open end of the loop with the base part of the wire.

Step 4: Turning the Wire

Turn the wire and hold the other open end of it to make the 2nd loop.

Step 5: Making the 2nd Loop

Similarly, form another loop at that end of the wire. Both the loops should be facing each other.

Step 6: Making the Twirl Pattern

Hold any one of the loops with the flat nose pliers and use your other hand to circle the straight part of the wire around that loop. Keep the circling loose.

Step 7: Making the 2nd Twirl Pattern

Just like we formed the loops, turn the wire to the other side (loop) and circle the wire around the loop evenly around it. We kept both twirl pattern sizes the same. But you can keep uneven sizes if you want to.

Step 8: Marking the Middle of the Wire

Use a marker to mark the middle point on the wire, between the twirl patterns. Or you can use your fingertips to hold the point.

Step 9: Bending the Wire

Hold the middle point with the flat-nose pliers and bend the wire at that point. The twirl patterns should be pushed closer to each other while bending the wire at the middle point.

Step 10: Adjusting the Heart Shape

You can use your hands to adjust the heart shape. We tried to keep the heart pattern as symmetrical as possible. But that is totally up to your choice.

Step 11: Adding Beads

Cut out a piece of beading wire (3 inches should do). Coil the open end of the wire around a band of the heart pendant (near the bottom side). Coil the wire 3-4 times; or as many times as required to make the coiling secured.

Insert beads into the wire through its open end. Once you’re happy with the beading, coil the open end around the opposite band of the wire heart pendant. Coil the remaining wire to secure the beading.

Step 12: Adding Teardrop Charm

Take a pin head wire, a teardrop bead, and a seed bead. Insert the seed bead into the pin head wire and then insert the teardrop bead.

Coil the open end of the wire around the bottom middle part of the wire heart pendant. Make sure to coil it once to form a loop. Now, coil the remaining wire below the loop to secure the teardrop charm with the pendant pattern.

Step 13: Attaching Jewelry Chain

Attach a jump ring with the wire heart pendant and then attach a jewelry chain through the jump ring to complete the craft.

Watch Complete Video Tutorial: How to Make a Wire Heart Pendant Necklace

Tips for Beginners

  1. Use thicker wire (14 or 16-gauge) for bigger hearts and a thinner wire (18-20-gauge) for smaller ones. Thicker wire gives stability, while thinner wire is more flexible.
  2. When using looping pliers, focus on the small part to make tidy loops. This helps, especially for smaller jewelry. Learning this early makes your wire heart pendant look more polished.
  3. If you plan to hammer the wire for texture, do it before adding beads. Hammering adds a unique look, and flattening the wire makes it smooth. Doing this first makes sure the wire stays stable for adding beads.
  4. Choose wire that’s easy to bend for a more enjoyable crafting experience. This helps you make smooth curves and patterns easily. It’s a good foundation for learning wire bending and twisting.
  5. Be creative and try different twirl sizes or heart shapes. Adjust the shape the way you like. This personal touch makes your jewelry unique and special.
  6. Think about the order of steps in your project. If you’re hammering the wire, do it before adding beads. This way, the hammered texture stays consistent, and the wire is ready for the beads.

We hope you like this tutorial and enjoy the craft if you give it a try. Here are some of our other wire jewelry-making tutorials you may like:

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Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments below. Share pictures of your version of the heart necklace with us if you do give them a try. You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or just DM your picture to us on Instagram or Facebook page.

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