How to Make Luminaries with Paper and Candle (Easy 4 Steps)

Paper lanterns and luminaries are super easy to make but they look so astonishing after lighting’em up. You just need a few basic craft supplies, a few minutes and it’s done! Learn how to Make luminaries with paper and candles from scratch.

how to make luminaries with paper

Moroccan luminaires are known for adding a mysterious and exotic touch to the interior of any home. They are the type of regional architectural feature that became popular around the world. In fact, they are so popular in India that many people things these lanterns originated in India. Actually, Mughal emperors brought Moroccan luminaries to India. I’m sure if you make them and light them up in a dark room, the beauty of this craft will memorize you. Just as it memorized the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Plus, these Moroccan-style paper luminaries are extremely easy to make.  can be great for the last minute and in a budget party/home decoration. 

How to Make Luminaries



Step 1: Preparing the Cardstock Paper

Prepare a piece of cardstock and draw a simple pattern on the middle part of it with a pencil. Placing styrofoam under the cardstock will make it easier to pop holes on it.
Use a thumb-pin or anything with a pointy edge to pop holes along with the design on the paper.

paper luminaries diy step 1

Step 2: Popping Holes and Appling Glue

Pop the holes nicely and try to keep an even distance between the holes.

Done popping holes along with the entire design? Apply glue along the edge of the paper.

paper luminaries (2)

Step 3: Join the sides to form a cylinder

Join two sides of the cardstock paper and form a cylinder shape. Make sure the shape of the cylinder is uniform. Be careful when joining the sides because cardstock paper is hard it may break free before the glue dries. I used 2 clothespins to hold the sides while the glue dried.

paper luminaries diy step 3

Step 4: Place the Candle

Place a candle in a glass and then place the paper luminary over the glass. The candle should be shorter than the glass and the glass should be shorter than the luminary.

Place the Candle inside paper luminaries

Light up the candle and enjoy! Btw, you can also use LED lights and use it as a night light.

DIY paper luminaries

Hope you liked our DIY paper luminaries project and learned how easy is to make a safe and beautiful to make luminary or paper lantern. Please do share your opinion in the comment box below and the pictures of your paper luminaries if you make one.

Thank You

Happy Crafting

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