How to Make Earring Hooks (Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial)

how to make earring hooks

When it comes to making jewelry the little things – jump rings, jewelry charms, hooks, closures, etc, are important. Especially when making earrings for yourself, you must know how to make earring hooks first.  You might not be able to complete your jewelry project if you fall short of any of these things. 

Unfortunately, most of the tutorials on how to make earrings don’t tell how to make earring hooks, so here we shared a simple DIY earring hooks tutorial for you guys.

Let’s begin with the DIY earring hook tutorial – one of the basic jewelry findings! Check the list for supplies and instructions to make them by yourself.

How to make Earring Hooks


  • Craft wire – 18 gauge
  • Craft pliers – cutting, looping and flat nose

Instruction to Make Earring Hooks

Step 1: Prepare the Craft Wire

Hold the wire from an end without cutting it from the bundle and create a small loop at the end. Use flat-nose pliers to bend the wire to 90 degrees or less below the loop.

diy earring hooks

Step 2: Form the Basic Shape

Using large flat-nose pliers, create a half-loop or half-circle bend. After forming the half-loop, maintain a straight portion of 2.5 cm and cut the wire from the bundle. Press the open end of the wire inside towards the bottom part.

Step 2: Form the Basic Shape

Step 3: Refine the Shape

Once again, use flat-nose pliers to slightly bend the bottom half part of the open end. Optionally, you can insert a small bead at the bottom straight part of the hook, ensuring to do so before bending the wire.

Step 3: Refine the Shape

Now you can make your earring hooks and of course earrings as well. Keep in touch to find out about our DIY jewelry projects!

Tips for Beginners in Jewelry Making

If you are a first-timer it may seem a little hard, although it is not. In fact, making jewelry hooks seemed difficult to me when I started playing with pillars and wires. So if your earring hooks don’t fit as you expected, don’t get frustrated. Instead, follow these tips.

  • Practice makes everyone perfect: Before using your chosen craft wire, practice the process with a less expensive wire to refine your technique and build confidence.
  • Measure Twice and Cut Once: Double-check your measurements before cutting the wire to ensure uniform lengths, creating a cohesive and polished set of earring hooks.
  • Gentle Pressure: Apply gentle, controlled pressure when forming loops and bends to avoid kinks and maintain the wire’s integrity.
  • If trying different wire gauges or shapes, start with small variations to understand how they behave before attempting intricate designs.

If you choose to make the earring hooks please don’t forget to share the pictures with us. You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram.

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