8 Creative Light Bulb Crafts

light bulb roundupEver thought of giving a burned-out light bulb a new life? Repurposing old burned-out light bulbs into something new and creative are almost endless; from vase and lamp to terrarium and much more. If you’ve never given any thought to recycling light bulbs just because you think they’re useless and should be thrown away, you’ll be surprised to see how a light bulb can be turned into an artistic and aesthetic piece! I’ve been collecting light bulbs for a year now, just waiting for the right time and idea!

Anyways, from tons of light bulb recycling project ideas I’ve collected these 8 DIY light bulb recycling project ideas from 8 awesome blogs and websites. Have a look at them.

And from now on think twice before you throw away old, burned out light bulbs.

bulb (1)Light Bulb Flower Vase from Life is a Party

bulb (2)Valentine Light Bulb from Design Sponge

bulb (13)Light Bulb Terrariums from Clad and Cloth

bulb (3)Light Bulb Snow Globe from Magical Day Dream

bulb (4)Upcycled Light Bulb Necklace from Stuff Steph Does

bulb (5)DIY Light Bulb Vase from The Merry Thought

bulb (6)Mini Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamps from Hi Consumption

bulb (8)Mini Snow Globe Ornament from No Biggie

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