Create Simple Leather Key-fob

20151007 114954 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Leather crafts are one of the coolest. Since I’m a beginner, after completing each leather project I am always left with loads of scrap leathers. I try to make use of them somehow. So, here’s one of the scrap letaher projects I’ve tried out- Key-fob from scrap leather.

20151007 114956 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

This project is great for beginners, besides, it’s a great way to reuse scrap leathers. And of course, a great gift for guys!


  • Scrap leather
  • Pencil
  • Tailor scissors
  • Hammer
  • Awl
  • Wooden board
  • Adhesive glue
  • Needle and waxed thread
  • Key ring



key-fob templateThis is the template I created for the key-fob. Simply print and cut out.


20151007 113235 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Place the template on the leather by keeping the same amount of leather on the other side of the template and trace the sides. Fold the leather into half and cut it according to the template. Take a key ring big enough to attach the leather fob with it.

20151007 113334 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Insert the cutout leather piece into the ring with its wrong side facing up and bring it to the middle. Apply glue on any one side of the wrong side evenly.

20151007 113427 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Bring the other side and join it with the glued part. Press the folded part to make sure that it is glued nicely.

20151007 113652 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Use a pencil to mark the stitching line by marking dots around the edge of the folded leather. Place the fob on a wooden board. Use an awl and hammer to punch the holes. Punching holes makes it easier to stitch.

20151007 1141370 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Prepare needle and thread. Start stitching from any one side. I did flat blanket stitches.

20151007 114639 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Stitch all the way to the other side.

20151007 114906 - Create Simple Leather Key-fob

Tie knot and cut off extra thread.

You can easily slide the leather fob around the key ring. Besides, you can write numbers, names or anything on the leather fob to mark it.

Attach your keys and enjoy!

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