DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush (with Free Felt Owl Pattern)

felt owl pattern

Are you looking for an easy felt craft? Why not make a beautiful felt owl plush for your loved ones. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a cute owl plush using felt with free felt owl pattern. You can use these felt owl plush to decorate your home or they can be a really nice gift for your loved ones.

Stitched Felt Owl Plush (Free Felt Owl Pattern)

Valentine’s day is near and my head is filled with tons of lovely-crafty ideas! If you’re looking for handmade Valentine’s day gift ideas, then you have come to the right place. I’m not saying ‘no’ to store-bought gifts, but how about adding a little handmade love? Felt crafts are easy and felt plushies are the cutest among many felt crafts, and I LO-OO-VE makin’em! So, I made these cute little owl plushies for this Valentine’s day. They’re pretty easy to make and of course, this tutorial comes with a free printable template.

DIY Felt Owl Plush with felt owl pattern

Free Owl Plush Pattern

Print out the template and cut out the patterns with scissors. Download the template from Owl Template

Oh, and here’s another felt plush craft you can make, ‘felt bunny plush’, make sure to check it out. 

Check out the list of supplies; I’m pretty sure you already have them all, and follow the tutorial to make these ‘Owl-dorable’ owl plushies!

How to Make a Cute Felt Owl Plush

List of Supplies

  • Needle and thread
  • Felt fabrics
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Cotton or scrap felt
  • Sequins
  • Template

Select different felts for the plush. I’m using pink, red and purple. I made another one using pink, red and blue felts.

Supplies - DIY Felt Owl Plush


Step 1

Notice that the template includes 2 body patterns, 2 heart shapes (which are the wings), 1 small triangle (the beak), 2 circles (blush patterns on both cheeks of the owl), 1 semi-circular pattern (lower body part of the owl) and 1 small heart shape.

Use a pen or pencil to trace the patterns on the selected felts and cut them out nicely using fabric scissors.

DIY owl plush pattern

Step 2

Take any one of the body cutouts and use a pen or pencil to trace the eyes on the top part of it. Prepare a needle with black thread and simply do a back running stitch to stitch the eyes. Once the stitching is done, draw the needle along with the thread, to the backside of the felt and tie a knot. Cut off extra thread.

step 2 - DIY owl plush

Step 3

Place the lower body part (the semi-circular cutout), the blush and beak cutouts on the front body part of the owl. Place the small heart cutout in the middle of the lower body part. Prepare needle with matching thread for each part. Do a simple running or cross-stitch to attach the items with the front body part of the owl plush. Stitch the placed items on the front body piece.

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush step 3

Step 4

Take the 2 heart cutouts and place them on both sides of the owl as if they were the wings. Stitch them with the front body part. I stitched round sequins on the joint parts of the wings and the body, they look so pretty!

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush step 4

Step 5

Take the other body cutout and place it under the front body part. Make sure to match the sides of both body cutouts. Stitch around the sides to join both pieces. A flat blanket stitch is the best when it comes to stitching the outer sides of the plush.

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush step 5

Step 6

Continue the stitching until there is a small opening left. This opening is for stuffing the owl plush. You can use cotton as well as scrap felts for stuffing.

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush step 6

Step 7

Once you’re done stuffing, close the open end to secure it. Tie 1 or 2 tight knots and draw the needle inside the plush and draw the needle out on the back side of the plush. Cut off extra thread.

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush step 7Thanks so much for reading and please share a picture if you make one ^_^

Don’t forget to share a picture if you make one! We would love to see how you used our felt owl pattern. You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram.

Happy crafting!

DIY Cute Felt Owl Plush (with Free Felt Owl Pattern)


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