Create Cute Paper Roses

20151025 1206 - Create Cute Paper Roses
This is one of the most easiest and prettiest flower craft ever! These paper roses have endless possibilities in the craft world. From scrap-booking, boutique to home decors and much more! No matter how many times you craft them you’ll never get bored. 

So here’s how I make them without shape scissors. 


  • Colored craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


20151025 120209 - Create Cute Paper Roses

Cut a round piece from paper.

20151025 120228 - Create Cute Paper Roses

Cut a spiral pattern on the round paper towards the center.

20151025 120318 - Create Cute Paper Roses

Use scissors to cut scallop border around the spiral piece. This is easier when using shape scissors.

20151025 120346 - Create Cute Paper Roses

Start coiling the spiral paper from the outer edge.

20151025 120409 - Create Cute Paper Roses

Once you reach the center allow the coil to loosen up a little but. Then glue the coil on the center to secure it.

Make as many as you want, they can be used for so many craft projects!









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