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Create Birds Nest Pendant


Haven’t been crafting or posting for a long time so thought of posting something quick, easy and fun! Well, making birds nest charms or pendant from wire isn’t anything new but here’s a super easy step-by-step guide for beginners on how to make birds nest pendant or charm using craft wire. 

Check out the list of supplies and follow the easy instructions to make one! 


  • Craft wire – 18 gauge
  • Round beads – medium size
  • Craft pliers – cutting, looping and flat nose


birds-nest-1 Cut a long piece of wire, mine was 24 cm long. Hold the wire from an end without cutting the wire from the bundle. Insert 3 beads into the wire. Bring the beads to the center of the wire.

birds-nest-2 Start wrapping the wire from both sides around the beads. After you’re done wrapping take and tuck the wire behind. Take a small piece of wire and wrap the wire nest from inside out 3 or 4 times (see picture).


Take another small piece of wire and coil the wire nest from inside out 3 or 4 times.  I coiled the nest 3 times keeping even gap between all 3 coils. Tuck remaining wire behind the pendant.


Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

This could be a great 5 minute craft therapy and a cute gift for a loved one as well!

Happy crafting!

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