How to Make a Beautiful Aster Flower Wreath at Home

diy Aster Flower Wreath

Papercraft Aster Flower Wreath (Fall Craft)

Have you started celebrating Fall yet? How about a DIY Flower Wreath Project? Why not try this papercraft aster flower wreath as your fall project?

I was already so excited even before Fall arrived and made a list of some fun and beautiful fall crafts; most of them include Fall flowers of course! Really happy with how closely alike the flowers turned out to be and it’s relatively easy to craft. You won’t need a template for the pattern because I came up with a folding and cutting trick for this craft. Grab some papers, glue, and scissors, and get crafty!

DIY Flower Wreath

List of Supplies:

Learn How to Craft Paper Aster Flower Wreath

DIY Flower Wreath - Make a Stunning Aster Flower wreath at home

Craft Paper Aster Flowers

To make the paper aster flowers you can check out the tutorial from our YouTube channel. The link has been given below-

You don’t need much to craft these beautiful aster flowers. Grab some craft papers, a pair of scissors and craft glue; and you’re good to go!

step 2 - How to Make a Beautiful Aster Flower Wreath at Home

Prepare the Wreath Base

Determine a size for the flower wreath. You can trace and cut out a round-shaped (or any other shape you want) from cardstock paper. You can also use store-bought wreath, whichever you prefer. I used a green coloured cardstock paper to make a round wreath; kept the width about 2.5 inches and diameter was 12 inches. The width of the base should be enough to place at least 1 flower nicely. 

papercraft aster flower wreath

Cutout Leaves from Green Paper

Simply trace and cut out leaf patterns from green coloured craft paper or cardstock paper. Aster flower leaves are pretty much of an ideal leaf shape. use a pencil to trace and cut out the leaves.

papercraft aster flower wreath

Attach Paper Asters to the Base

Start attaching the papercraft aster flowers on the wreath base one by one. Try keeping the flowers adjacent to one another but don’t overlap the flowers too much. 

DIY flower wreath

Fill the Base with Flowers

Keep attaching the flowers on the wreath base until the whole wreath is filled. Making sure not to leave any space between the flowers. 

DIY flower wreath

Attach Paper Leaves to the Wreath

And finally, stick the paper leaves in between the flowers on the base. Cut out a string or yarn and attach it on the backside of the wreath base for the hanging mechanism. The fall aster flower wreath is complete! You can also use the aster flowers as decor pieces, props or to make other crafts.

Happy Fall!

DIY flower wreath

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