DIY Owl Valentine Card

DIY owl valentine card

Make Your Own Valentine Card

It’s only a few days before Valentine’s day! Do you have any plans or maybe you’ve already made plans for the day and prepped a gift for your Valentine? How about adding a little handcrafted owl valentine card to it? because Owl you need is love to make this special day a little more special for the loved one! So,  I’m here with a super cute DIY owl Valentine card, which can be made in no time! This craft comes with a free printable template for the pattern and it’s really easy to make. Go ahead, download the template and follow the tutorial to make this owl valentine card. 

DIY Owl Valentine Card

You can also try crafting these DIY owl valentine cards with the kids, I’m sure they’ll enjoy making these!

supplies owl card - DIY Owl Valentine Card

The List of Supplies

  • Coloured craft papers
  • Glitter paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


Download this Owl Card Template and print it out. Cut out the patterns from this template. The patterns include 3 circles for the eyes, 1 beak, 2 circles for the blush, 1 owl base, 2 big wing patterns, 2 small wing patterns, 1 rectangle for the card and 1 heart. 

Learn How to Make Owl Valentine Card

DIY Owl Valentine Card

Trace and Cut Out Patterns

Trace all the patterns from coloured craft papers except for the eyes. Cut out the big and small circles (for the eyes) from white paper and cut out the medium circle from black craft paper. Use different coloured craft papers for the owl base and the wings. 

step 2 - DIY Owl Valentine Card

Assemble and Craft the Eyes

Glue the small circle cut out of the eyes on a side of the black circle cutout. Now glue the black circle on the big white circle cutout. Similarly, prepare the other eye of the paper owl.

step 3 - DIY Owl Valentine Card

Make the Card

Take the rectangle paper cutout and fold it into half lengthwise. This will be the card held by the paper owl. Attach the small heart cutout on the front side of the mini card. 


step 4 - DIY Owl Valentine Card

How to Attach the Wings?

We won’t be attaching the wings entirely on the owl base. Just apply a drop of glue on the inner curved points on both sides of the owl base.


step 5 - DIY Owl Valentine Card

Attaching the Wings

Now carefully place the wings on both sides of the owl base, making sure to align the wings with the base on both sides. 

step 6 - DIY Owl Valentine Card

Attaching the Eyes

Use craft glue to attach the eyes on the head part (top side) of the owl base.

DIY Owl Valentine Card

Attaching the Blushes and Beak

Now, attach the blush cutouts on both cheeks and the beak right below and in the middle of the eyes. 

DIY Owl Valentine Card

Almost Done!

Owl DIY owl valentine card is almost complete! I’v cut out the small wing patterns from glitter craft papers to add a pretty texture to the owl craft, but you can use a different coloured craft paper than the big wings. Now, simply slide the mini card between under the wings of the paper owl. Oh, and don’t forget to write down a note for your valentine on the card!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Owl Valentine Card


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