DIY Leather Zipper Extensions

zipper extensions main - DIY Leather Zipper Extensions

I always have trouble grabbing the zipper of my purse and bag. One of my friends bought zipper extensions for herself and that’s when I first learned about zipper extensions. Obviously I wasn’t going to buy one :p

I grabbed some scrap leather and wooden beads and tada! Colorful beaded zipper extensions in 5 minutes! Supplies:

  • Leather – thin strip
  • Scissors
  • Wooden beads


zipper extension (1)Step 1

Prepare your leather strip. The length should be at least 8 cm (or as long as you want the extension to be) and the width should be around 0.25 cm. Take the strip and insert the leather strip inside the zipper hole.

zipper extension (3)Step 2

Hold both open ends of the leather strip together and start inserting the beads. Insert as many beads as you want, but I think 3-5 beads look better. Tie a knot at the end of the strip. Keep 1 cm of the strip and trim extra.

zipper extensions pin image - DIY Leather Zipper Extensions

No trouble grabbing the zipper anymore!


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