DIY Leather Glass Case

featured glass case - DIY Leather Glass Case

DIY Handstitched Leather Glass Case

Looking for a beginner friendly leather craft project? Here’s a project you can get started with. This DIY leather glass case is so simple, easy to make and turns out really good.

DIY Leather glass holder

You won’t be needing much to make one as it requires only a few basic craft supplies; if you’re a crafter, you probably have all the supplies at home already. Check out the list of supplies, grab ’em, spare 15 minutes of your time, follow the instructions and get crafty!

Supplies or leather craft

List of Supplies

  • Leather
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Waxed thread
  • Sharp tapestry needle
  • Ruler
  • Awl
  • Wooden board
  • Golden fabric paint and brush


step 1 2 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 1

Place the leather on a flat surface with its wrong side facing up. Place the glass near any one side of the leather. Fold and wrap the leather around the glass once, in order to measure the case size. Keep 2 cm extra leather on both open sides of the folded leather piece. Use a pencil to trace along the measured sides of the leather.

step 2 2 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 2

Cut out the traced leather piece. Fold the leather cutout into half width wise. Cut round corners on any one of the open sides of the half fold leather.

step 3 2 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 3

Keeping the leather cutout folded, place it on a wooden board. The folded leather should have 3 open sides; you’ll need to make holes on 2 sides (1 side lengthwise, including the round corner and the adjacent smaller side) and keep the straight side open.

step 4 2 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 4

You can use a pencil to mark the points for the holes or simply do a free hand hole punching. Use an awl punch the holes. Try to punch the holes as neatly as possible.

step 6 1 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 5

Prepare needle with waxed thread and start stitching from a side. Draw the needle through the first hole on any one side and tie a knot. Start doing flat blanket stitch through the holes. 

step 7 1 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 6

Stitch all the way to the other end, making sure to go through each hole while stitching. Keep the stitches neat and even as much as possible.

step 8 1 - DIY Leather Glass Case

Step 7

Tie a knot after reaching the end. Cut off extra thread and draw the remaining thread inside the case.

You can keep the case plain or you can also add a little pattern to it. I did a simple geometric design on the case using golden fabric paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Glass case - DIY Leather Glass Case

Spread the crafty goodness!

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