Easy & Useful DIY Storage Box from Cardboard Boxes (+ Video)

diy storage box

Easy Do It Yourself storage boxes project. Learn how to upcycle or recycle cardboard boxes and turn them into pretty and useful storage boxes.

DIY Storage Box – Make Pretty, Useful, and Decorative Recycled Storage Boxes

How much do you enjoy recycling? I’m always looking for ways to recycle and upcycle available materials. This time I used small cardboard boxes for this easy yet exciting DIY storage box project. I recycled 3 boxes in one day and all of them are super useful. Keeping my stationaries in one, skincare products in one, and one I’m using as a craft storage box. You can find both written instructions with pictures (step-by-step tutorial) and video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Go ahead and check them out!

DIY Storage Box:

These recycled storage boxes are not just useful but also great as home decor. We hope you enjoy crafting them as much as we did. 

How to Make Storage Box Out of Cardboard

List of Supplies

DIY Storage Box: supplies


Step 1: Preparing and covering the box

You can either cut off the flaps or simply fold them inside, laying flat with the 4 sides of the cardboard box. Select and cut out a piece of fabric big enough to cover halfway through the outer sides and the 4 inner sides of the box.

Preparing and covering the storage box

Step 2: Finishing the cover

Apply hot glue to secure the cover fabric with the box. The fabric on the inside should touch the bottom side of the box. Covering the entire outer side of the box won’t be necessary for this craft. 

finish covering the storage box

Step 3: Cutting the bottom fabric

Measure and cut out a piece of fabric an inch bigger on all sides than the bottom side of the box. 

Cardboard box Recycle: Jeans or any fabric

Step 4: Preparing the bottom fabric

Fold in the extra 1 inch on all 4 sides and apply hot glue to secure them. 

Cardboard box Recycle: Jeans or any fabric

Step 5: Covering the bottom side of the box

Apply hot glue along 4 sides of the bottom part (inside the box) and then place the prepared fabric from the previous step carefully on the glued side. The inner side of the box is now nicely covered. 

Cardboard box Recycle: DIY Storage Box

Step 6: Wrapping with jute rope

Now simply cover the outer side of the box with jute rope. Apply hot glue while wrapping the rope around the box. 

Cardboard box Recycle: DIY Storage Box

Step 7: Complete the jute wrapping

You can cover the entire outer surface of the box or you can keep an inch intact. I think keeping an inch intact (shows the fabric) looks nice.

Cardboard box Recycle: DIY Storage Box

Step 8: Attach the border and handles

Although this step is optional, you can still go for it if you have the natural white rope. 

Cardboard box Recycle: DIY Storage Box (Portable)

And done! It wasn’t that fun! So, get your crafty hands ready and get started with the DIY storage box project. You can add your touch if you want.

Just in case you’re having difficulty with the previous steps you can also check out the video tutorial on our YouTube channel

The storage box from our video tutorial is slightly different from the storage box we’re crafting here. We attached handles with this one. 

Don’t forget to share a photo with us if you create one! We would love to see the result of your DIY storage box (You can share your photo with the hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just dm your photo to us on Instagram.

If you are interested in recycled craft projects, explore our long list of recycling projects for adults and children.

Happy Crafting

Cardboard box Recycle: DIY Storage Box

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