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DIY Recycled Jar and Bottle Vases

DIY Recycled Jar and Bottle Vases

Recycle jars and bottle into decorative vases

Looking for a 10 minute craft project? You’ve come to the right place then! This 10 minute craft project is a great craft project to try out with the kids, besides, who doesn’t love recycling and the color green!

DIY Recycled Jar and Bottle Vases

This craft project was totally unexpected! I’ve started indoor gardening and I was preparing pots for my plants. My plan was to paint glass jars and bottles but sadly I was having a hard time removing the labels from the jars. I had 2 twine bundles in my store (for who knows how long!). And snap! decided to wrap the jars with twine and tada! Loved how they turned out. Check out the tutorial!


  • Glass jar or bottle
  • Twine -of any kind
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


twine vase (1)Get your materials ready. You need a clean glass jar or bottle. Don’t worry if you’re unable to get rid of the jar or bottle label, we’ll cover them anyways. Select your twine, I had 2 kinds, one was rustic and the other one was quite smooth.twine vase (2)Prepare the twine, making sure there are no tangles on the twine bundle. Lets start from the top. Apply craft glue around the jar’s finish and start wrapping the twine around the glued part. Wrap the twine nice and evenly without keeping any gaps between each wrap.

twine vase (3)Continue to wrap the twine around the jar until reaching the bottom end. Apply glue on the jar every time before wrapping twine around that particular part. You can also apply glue on the top and bottom, leaving the middle part but I think it’s better to glue the whole thing. After reaching the bottom end apply some extra glue at that end and cut off extra twine.

Done! You can decorate the jar or bottle however you want or you can simply use them as planters. I’m going to keep’em for a few of my indoor plants.

DIY Recycled Jar and Bottle Vases


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