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DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

Create Beautiful Satin Flowers

Fabric flowers have become quite a popular kind of craft today. Fabric flowers include – satin flower, cotton fabric flower, silk flower, ribbon flower and so on. Making fabric flowers is not only fun but also very addictive! Once you start crafting one, you’ll automatically come up with new patterns or you can simply search for more patterns online.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

Anyways, here’s a fun and easy satin flower tutorial. It’s super easy to follow and requires a few basic craft supplies. Spare only 10 minutes for this lovely craft project. You can use these flowers for many other crafts.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers


  • Satin fabric
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads


DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

Step 1

You will need to cut 11 round pieces from satin ribbon to make this flower. You can cut as many round pieces as you want but if you want to create the pattern I created you can simply follow my instructions.

We’re going to use 3 round pieces For the base – these 3 round pieces should be of 3 different diameters, each being half centimeter smaller than the other. We’ll need 6 round pieces for the middle part, the basic petals. And finally we need 2 pieces for the center part of the flower.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

Step 2

Done cutting all the round pieces for the flower? Use a lighter to burn the sides of the round satin pieces but it’s better to use candle. Carefully burn the sides of all the pieces. If you’re using satin fabric the pieces will curl around the sides while burning but in case you’re using satin ribbon the sides won’t curl that easily.

Prepare your needle and thread. Take the smallest base piece and the 6 round pieces prepared for the middle part (petals).

Stitch the middle petals on the smallest base piece around the sides.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers

Step 3

Place the 2 base pieces under the stitched base piece. And then place the 2 center pieces on the center of the 6 arranged middle petals. Prepare needle and thread and draw it through the center of the satin layers to attach them all together.

Grab the faux pearl beads (or any kind of bead you want) and stitch the beads on the center.

After attaching beads simply draw the needle to the back, tie a knot and cut off extra thread.

Done! Create these flowers to make anything you want- finger ring, headband, hair clip, decoration piece, brooch pin – and almost any kind of accessories.

DIY Satin Ribbon Flowers


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