How to Make Paper Roses (+ Video Tutorial and Free Template)

DIY paper roses

Paper flowers are popular throughout the year, no matter what season and they’re one of the best decor items for any occasion. DIY paper roses are undoubtedly one of the most popular flower crafts and we didn’t want to miss out. We loved crafting these pastel pink paper roses and couldn’t wait to share them with you guys! Go ahead and check out the full tutorial on how to make paper roses.

DIY Paper Roses

We tried to come up with 2 different ways to craft paper roses and both ways are fairly easy for beginners as well. You can follow our free-hand tutorial which is available on our YouTube channel or you can follow our free template to craft the roses. With the help of our tutorial, you can learn how to make paper roses in no time!

how to make paper roses

How to Make Paper Roses

List of Supplies

  • Coloured craft paper or cardstock paper. (You can also make roses using crape papers, visit the link to learn how to make crepe paper roses)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

You can use any type of paper to craft these paper roses but coloured craft papers and cardstock papers are ideal for this craft. I’m using thin cardstock papers for the roses.

DIY Paper Roses Supplies

Free Printable Paper Rose Template

Download the Free Paper Rose Template and print it out. Cut out the patterns as neatly as you can.


Step 1: Trace and Cut Patterns

Place the selected coloured craft paper or cardstock paper on a flat surface. Grab a pencil and trace the template patterns on the selected paper. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the traced patterns nicely. 

How to make paper rose petals

Step 2: Shape the Petals

Use a smooth round object (I’m using a crochet hook) to curve the open round ends of the petals. you can use a pen or a round stick as well.

Shape the paper rose Petals

Step 3: Prepare all the Patterns

One by one curve the open round ends of each petal layer cutouts. You can leave the single petals as we will be coiling them into rolled patterns so curving them won’t be necessary.

Prepare all the Patterns

Step 4: Join the Open End of a Pattern

Grab one of the 5 petaled cutouts and apply glue along an open end.

Join the Open End of a Pattern

Step 5: Join the Open Ends of each Pattern

Join the other open end by overlapping it with the glued part and make sure that both ends are joined nicely. One by one join the open ends of each petals layer cutouts. For the single petals, simply coil them into rolled patterns.

Join the Open Ends of each Pattern of papercraft rose

Step 6: Join the Petal Layers Together

Grab the 2 5 petaled layers and join them together. Apply glue to attach them together. make sure to adjust the 2 layers nicely before gluing them together.

Join the Petal Layers Together

Step 7: Continue to Join the Patterns

Keep attaching the petal layers until all layers are added. Make sure to keep the petal number sequence correct. Place the more petaled pieces first and moving towards the fewer petaled pieces towards the top.

realistic paper rose DIY

Step 8: Join the Final Small Piece

At the very center, place the single coiled petals by simply inserting them into the center. Don’t forget to apply glue before inserting them.

realistic paper rose

Step 9: Add Leaves and Finish Making the Paper Roses

Now glue the decorations associated with the paper rose. I have added green leaves to give it a natural/realistic look. You can add any decoration according to your choice. You may follow this tutorial on how to make origami leaves to make paper leaves for decoration.

how to make Paper Roses

Tips for Beginners

You might find it a bit difficult at first because the pattern of the flower rose itself isn’t simple so crafting one from paper would obviously include a few difficult steps. Here are our tips to crafting them more easily.

  • Use soft and easy-to-fold paper.
  • Use craft papers if you want to craft small-sized roses and use cardstock if you want to craft large ones.
  • Tracing the petals neatly and curving the open ends is really important to get a good final look.
  • Make sure to arrange each petal layer correctly before applying the glue.

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Make Paper Roses

To watch more tutorials on DIY paper flowers and other craft and art projects visit the Craftaholic Witch Youtube Channel.

Use of Papercraft Roses

We have a very long list of how to use these paper roses but we’ll share the top 5 uses for now.

  • Paper roses are perfect for decorating gift boxes, you can either add them inside the gift box along with the gift or simply decorate the box with a rose or 2.
  • One of the best flat lay props! Flat lay photography is really trendy these days and using these paper roses can help you create the cutest flat lay images.
  • You can craft smaller paper roses (1 inch) for scrapbooking and journaling.
  • Great for party decoration! Whether it’s a birthday party or baby shower or a wedding, paper roses can brighten up any place.
  • Great for seasonal home decor. We craft roses using seasonal shades of paper to decorate our workstation for each season. Such an easy and affordable way to add some happy vibes to any space.

DIY Paper Roses

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