Paper Shamrock – St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Paper Shamrock kids craft

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

St. Patrick’s day is coming and we are super excited to share some fun and crafty ideas for the kids! We’ll be sharing some fun St. Patrick’s day crafts throughout this week but for now, let’s start with something simple. If you have some green colored craft papers at home, you’re good to go. Grab ’em and get started! 

Paper Shamrock kids craft


Yup! You’ll get a free shamrock pattern printable with this tutorial. Download the free Shamrock Pattern Template.

List of Supplies

  • Craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue


step 1 - Paper Shamrock - St. Patrick's Day Craft

Step 1

On a piece of paper, trace the shamrock pattern from the given template. Use scissors to cut out the traced shamrock pattern. This is the base of the shamrock craft and you can choose any color you want for it. 

step 2 - Paper Shamrock - St. Patrick's Day Craft

Step 2

Grab all the green colored craft papers you have and cut them into small square pieces, about 3 cm x 3cm square pieces will do. 

step 3 - Paper Shamrock - St. Patrick's Day Craft

Step 3

take any one of the square cutouts and crumple it into a small ball shape. Similarly, crumple the rest of the square cutouts into small crumpled ball shapes. You’ll need a bunch of these, so keep crumpling!

St. Patrick's day paper craft

Step 4

Done preparing the crumpled paper balls? Great! Now place the shamrock cutout on a flat surface and start to stick the crumpled paper balls on it one by one. Start from a side of the shamrock cutout.

St. Patrick's day paper craft

Step 5

Continue to stick the crumpled paper balls on the shamrock cutout until the whole pattern is filled nicely.

Let the glue dry once you are done.

Wasn’t that fun and easy? How about using different colors instead of green craft papers? Sounds fun huh? Give a try and don’t forget to share a picture with us.

St. Patrick's day paper craft

Happy crafting! <3

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