How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Learn how to make bat plush or stuffed bat toy in 11 easy steps. We also included an easy bat plush pattern to make sewing easy and fun for beginners.

how to make bat plush

Hola Crafty people! So, what’s your plan for Halloween, apart from preparing for treats and tricks? Today, we’ll share a cute prop idea for Halloween, how to make bat plush, with a free bat sewing pattern. 

You can add this felt bat plush to goodie bags along with the treats or craft a bunch of them to make a garland or ornament; however, you like it. The bat plush pattern is very simple and easy to sew, so you don’t need to worry about it even if you’re a beginner at sewing.

Guessing that you might already have all the basic supplies at home, you’ll need to invest in fabric felts for this project. With an A4 size felt sheet, you can crat up to 3 bat plushies with our template. A felt bat plushie won’t cost more than a dollar or 2 and a half an hour.

how to make bat plush

Free Bat Plush Pattern 

Scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll find our free bat sewing pattern. Download this free Bat plush Pattern Template and print it out. The template includes 2 sizes, you can select any one size as you wish. Cut out the bat sewing patterns from the selected size and get crafty!

How to Make Bat Plush 

List of Supplies


  • Fabric marker
  • Needle
  • Matching thread
  • A Pair of Scissors


  • Felt fabric – medium light
  • Cotton

how to make bat plushie

Step by Step Bat Plush Instructions

Step 1: Preparing the Patterns

Select at least 2 different colored felt fabrics for the bat plush, along with black, white, and pink colored felt fabrics. We traced the blush patterns (same round shapes used for the inner part of the eyes) on pink, and eye patterns on black and white felt fabrics.

For the base patterns and the big wing patterns, we used grey-colored felt fabrics and black-colored felt fabric for the small (inner) wing patterns. The color preference is completely up to you. Cut out the traced patterns as neatly as possible.

bat plushie free pattern

Step 2: Arranging the Eye Cutouts

Start by sewing the eyes. Place a white cutout on either side (we sewed the right eye first) of the base. Place the black (inner part of the eye) cutout on the white one. Prepare the needle with white thread.

Bat Plush Steps 2 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 3: Sewing the Eyes

Sew a small white dot on the black part of the eye and make sure to sew both eye cutouts along with the base.

Similarly, sew the other eye with the base. Once you’re done sewing the eyes, use a pen to trace the mouth-line and the fangs of the bat pattern.

Bat Plush Steps 3 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 4: Stitching the Fang Patterns

Fill the fang layouts with white thread, and try to keep it as neat as possible.

Bat Plush Steps 4 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 5: Sewing the Inner Ears and the Blush

Start the inner ear cutouts on the ear parts of the base (that we’re working on). Use matching thread to go along with the pink felt.

Sew the blush cutouts on both cheeks of the bat pattern.

Bat Plush Steps 5 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 6: Sewing the Mouth-Line

Use a black thread to sew a solid line along the traced mouth line.

Place the other base on a flat surface. Arrange a small wing cutout on the big wing cutout and then place it on a side of the plain base. The wing patterns and the plain base pattern should slightly overlap on the sides. We are sewing the left wing first.

Bat Plush Steps 6 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 7: Sewing Both Bases Together

Place the stitched base on top of the plain one, keeping the wing patterns between the base layers.

Work flat blanket stitches along the sides to join the bases together. Make sure to sew the wings with the bases as well.

Bat Plush Steps 7 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 8: Arrange and Sew the Right Wing

Sew from left to top and then towards the right. 

Similarly, arrange and place the right-wing patterns between the bases.

Bat Plush Steps 8 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 9: Stuff the Bat Pattern

Keep a small opening on the bottom side of the felt bat pattern. Use cotton to stuff the bat pattern through the opening.

Stuff the bat pattern with enough cotton to give it a nice and fluffy look.

Bat Plush Steps 9 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 10: Sew  the Opening

Neatly sew the open end to secure the stuffing.

Bat Plush Steps 10 - How to Make Bat Plush Easily (with Free Bat Sewing Pattern)

Step 11: Craft More Felt Bats Plushies!

You can mix and match different colored felt fabrics for more variation.

bat plushie free pattern

How to Make Bat Plush: Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in sewing small felt projects, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Use a medium light felt or light felt for small felt sewing projects. Thick felts are difficult to work with for small felt patterns.
  • Use fabric markers or chalk to trace the patterns on the felt, otherwise stationary pens or sharpies might bleed on the felt fabric and ruin the pattern.
  • Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the traced patterns.
  • Work with flat blanket stitches to sew sides and straight stitches to attach small patterns on the base.
  • Use cotton or scrap felt for stuffing.
  • Use a pencil or a small round object to push the stuffing inside the pattern for small patterns.

how to make bat plushie

We hope that you enjoyed the tutorial and hope it helps you learn how to make bat plush easily. Here are some Felt Project tutorials from our blog you might also like, have a look!

We hope you get to spare some time to try out this felt bat sewing project, could be a weeken craft therapy session or a mini craft session with family or friends. We would love to hear your feedback on our how to make bat plush tutorial, let us know what you think in the comments below. And don’t forget to share a picture of the bat plushie if you craft 1 or 2, we would love to see. Use the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or just DM your picture to us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!
Free Bat Plush Pattern

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