How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to make felt coasters at home within minutes. Fall is around the corner, so we tried to give them a little fall flavor. I hope you will like it.

how to make felt coasters

Hello, craftaholics! We have friends who are obsessed with fall or Autumn crafts and decors; no matter what season it is, they’ll always have an Autumn-y bright vibe to their places. This felt coaster is a fun and simple craft project to get started with the fall decor this season. Besides, coasters always come in handy, no matter how many you have.

Before you get started, you should know that this felt craft is a super beginner-friendly project and a great way to practice your hand-sewing skills if you’re a beginner. It’ll take you 30 minutes max to complete one beautiful felt Fall coaster.

The cost of 1 felt coaster should cost a dollar, or maybe less. Even if you need to purchase the felt fabrics and matching thread, this project would require a small amount of each material. You can use the remaining supplies for other projects.

hpw to make a fall coaster

How to Make Felt Coasters at Home 

List of Supplies


  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Needle


  • Felt fabric
  • Matching or contrasting thread

Free Fall Coaster Template (Printable)

Here’s the free Fall Coaster Template; simply download, print, and cut out the patterns to use them to make the Fall coaster.

Maple Leaf Coaster Supplies - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Fall Felt Coaster Crafting Instructions

Step 1: Preparing the Patterns

The patterns for this coaster are very simple. It includes a total of 3 cutouts only. 2 Round base patterns and 1 maple leaf pattern. Select felt fabrics of your choice, trace the template patterns on them and cut them out nicely using a pair of sharp scissors.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 1 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 2: Arranging the Patterns

Take any one of the round base cutouts and then place the maple leaf felt cutout in the middle of the round base cutout. Prepare a sharp needle with a different colored thread than the felt selected for the maple leaf pattern.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 2 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 3: Preparing Needle and Thread

Start stitching from the bottom side of the maple leaf pattern. Tie a knot on the open end of the attached thread and draw the needle from the backside of the base and draw it out through the bottom side of the maple leaf pattern. Use a pencil or chalk to trace the veins of the maple leaf so that it’s easier to stitch the veins.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 3 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 4: Stitching the Veins

Fill the vein lines with solid stitches (not running stitch or any sort of dashed stitches).

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 4 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 5: Stitching the Maple Leaf on Base

After you’re done stitching the veins, prepare the needle with a matching thread (same color as the maple leaf pattern). Stitch the maple leaf around the side and make sure to stitch the base with the maple leaf pattern as well. After you’re done stitching, draw the needle to the backside of the coaster pattern and tie 2 or 3 tight knots, and then cut off extra thread if necessary.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 5 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 6: Preparing the Patterns

Now, take the other round base cutout. You can use the stitched felt piece as a coaster if you want, but adding another felt layer would increase the coaster’s durability.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 6 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 7: Stitching the Bases

Prepare a needle with any colored thread you like and start to stitch around the border.  We would suggest doing flat blanket stitches around the border to join both bases together. But you can go for any kind of stitch you prefer; just make sure that the border is securely stitched and both base pieces are attached nicely.

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 7 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

Step 8: Completing the Fall Coaster

Done stitching the border? Draw the needle to the backside of the Fall coaster and tie 2 knots with any adjacent stitch. Draw the needle between the base layers and then draw it out leaving a few cms of gap. Cut off extra thread if required and the coaster is ready!

Maple Leaf Coaster Steps 8 - How to Make Beautiful Felt Coasters at Home (+Free Template)

How to Make Coasters Using Felt: Tips for Beginners

This Fall coaster project is super easy but if you’re still having difficulties, you can check out the following tips.

  • Use 2 pieces for the base if you want the coaster to last longer.
  • Use needle type according to the type of felt you’ll use. Use a thin needle for thin fabric and a thick needle for thick fabric.
  • The needle should definitely be sharp; a blunt needle won’t do the work neatly.
  • If you have difficulty in stitching the flat- blanket stitches around the border, you can simply go for running stitches.
  • Use a pencil to trace the vein lines on the maple leaf cutout so that you can stitch along the traced lines.

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Fall crafts are exciting, they spread this strange peaceful, and happy vibes. We really hope that you enjoy this craft, get to use the felt coaster, and add some Autumnness to your space. We would also love to know your feedback, don’t forget to share it in the comments below. Share pictures of your Fall felt coasters if you try the tutorial. You can share your picture with the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook, or just DM your picture to us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!

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