How to Crochet Pumpkins (with a Free Pattern for Beginners)

This step-by-step tutorial will show how to crochet pumpkins from scratch. The tutorial also has a free and easy crochet pumpkin pattern to make crocheting easier for beginners.

crochet pumpkin

It’s pumpkin season and are we excited or what! To celebrate the Cozy season, we made these cute crochet pumpkins. 

This crochet pumpkin pattern is a super beginner-friendly project and can be used for many other projects.  Doesn’t matter what the season is, pumpkins are always adored and they bring an aesthetic vibe to almost anything. You can use them to decorate gift bags, to make garland or use them as props.

Since we’ve just started to share crochet projects, we decided to keep our initial crochet projects easy-to-follow and beginner-friendly; we hope you find the tutorial helpful!

With a crochet hook and a small bundle of yarn, you can crochet 4 to 5 of these crochet pumpkins. It’ll only cost you 2 small bundles of yarn (orange ad green). 

how to crochet a pumpkin

Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern 

This pumpkin pattern includes the following crochet stitches: slip knot, ch (chain), st(s) stitch (es), sl st (slip stitch), dc (double crochet), hdc (half double crochet), sk (skip), sc (single crochet).

The Pumpkin Pattern

Round 1: Start with a slip knot, ch 4, form a loop & ch 1.

Round 2: 10 dc (double crochet) around the loop, sl st through first ch st of the round.

Round 3: Ch 1, 2 dc into each st of the previous round. A total of 20 dc. Sl st to end this round.

Round 4: Ch 1, hdc into same st. 2 dc into next, 1 dc into next *3 times*

The Stem Pattern

Round 1: Ch 4, sk next st, work sc into the next 3 st(s).

Round 2: Sl into the next st of the pumpkin pattern.

The Vine Pattern

Round 1: Ch 20

Round 2: sk next st, sl st into the next *repeat until reaching the 1st ch of round 1.

Round 3: Sl st into any adjacent st on the backside of the pumpkin pattern.

How to Crochet Pumpkins 

List of Supplies


  • Crochet Hook – 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm
  • A Pair of Scissors


  • Yarn – medium light

crochet pumpkin supplies

Step by Step Crochet Pumpkin Instructions

Step 1: 1st Round

Start with a slip stitch and then form a loop with the 4 chains.

Chain 1 and work 10 dc into the loop.

1st Round of crocheting pumpkin

Step 2: Closing 1st Round and Starting 2nd Round

Slip stitch into the 1st chain of the current round, chain 1.

Start the 2nd round with a double crochet stitch.

Closing 1st Round and Starting 2nd Round of crochet pumpkin pattern

Step 3: Closing 2nd Round and Starting 3rd Round

Work another dc into the same stitch. Repeat 2dc into each stitch for this round. Slip stitch into the top stitch of the first dc of this round.

Ch 1 and work a half double crochet into the same stitch. Work 2 dc into the next stitch.

Closing 2nd Round and Starting 3rd Round crochet pumpkin pattern

Step 4: Completing Half of the 3rd Round

Work 1 dc into the next stitch. Repeat the process *2dc 1dc* 3 more times.

Work a hdc into next stitch and an sl st into the same stitch. Work an sl st and an hdc into the next stitch.

Completing Half of the 3rd Round crochet pumpkin

Step 5: Completing 3rd Round

Work 2 dc into the next stitch, 1 dc into the next. Repeat the process 3 more times.

Work an hdc and an sl st into the last stitch. Prepare a green yarn with a slip knot. Yarn over the slip knot through the stitch between any 2 hdc(s). 

Completing 3rd Round of how to crochet pumpkins

Step 6: Forming the Stem

Chain 4, skip the next chain from the hook.

Work a single crochet into the next 3 stitches. Slip the stitch into the next stitch of the pumpkin pattern. Chain 20 for the vine pattern.

Forming the Stem of crochet pumpkin

Step 7: Forming the Vine

Skip the next chain from the hook and work a slip stitch into the next. Repeat the process until reaching the 1st chain of the 20 chains.

 Turn the pattern to the wrong side, and work a slip stitch into any adjacent stitch on the backside of the pumpkin pattern. Leave a few inches of yarn and cut off the rest. Secure the remaining yarn by stitching it over and under the backside stitches. Bring the open curled part to the front.

Forming the Vine of crochet pumpkin

Tips for Beginners on Crocheting Pumpkins

If you’re a beginner in crocheting, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Use a bigger hook (4mm-6mm)and yarn if it’s your first crochet project.
  • Have a list of crochet abbreviations printed or written for a better understanding of the instructions. 
  • When you’re done completing a pattern (pumpkin or green parts), leave a few inches extra, and then cut off the extra yarn.
  • Use a tapestry needle to stitch the remaining yarn over and under the stitches on the backside of the pattern.

how to crochet pumpkins

We hope that you liked our tutorial on how to make crochet pumpkins. For us, crafting Fall projects is always fun! Here are some home decor tutorials from our blog we thought you might also like to check out.

Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments below. We would also love to see your version of the crochet pumpkin, do share a picture with us. Use the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or just DM your picture to us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!

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