DIY Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

DIY macrame rainbow

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame crafts have always mesmerized me! Boy, I wish I could make one of those huge, gorgeous macrame wall hanging for my living room! After giving it a lot of thought to it, I decided to give the easiest yet the cutest macrame craft a try. Macrame rainbow wall hanging; which is pretty trending right now in the craft and DIY world. There wasn’t much to add to it but I tried to make it a little easier. I didn’t use wire and also didn’t go for stitching for attaching the ropes, because I find it a bit difficult. I had no idea until I gave it a try; that it would be so addicting!

DIY macrame rainbow wall hanging

Check out the tutorial and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or tips. I’ll be making a few more macrame rainbow wall hanging soon! If you’re looking for more DIY decor ideas, you can check out the DIY concrete planters.

how to make a macrame rainbow wall hanging

List of Supplies

  • Natural twisted cotton rope
  • Yarns – 5-7 or more different colors of your choice
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Felt
  • Needle
  • Pompoms – the size of your choice

How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 1

I’m using 1/2” thick twisted cotton rope. Decide the length for the smallest curve of the rainbow pattern. Simply place the rope on a flat surface, form a ‘U’ shape with it, decide the size you want; mark the rope on that point and cut the rope.

Lay the small cutout rope on a flat surface by forming a ‘U’ shape. Now grab the rope bundle and hold the open end of the bundle adjacent to any 1 open ends of the ‘U’ shaped rope and draw it all the way to the other end of the ‘U’ shaped rope. Mark on that point where both ropes leveled.

Similarly cut the other strands. Cut as many rope strands as you want. I’m using 1 strand for each color.

macrame rainbow wall hanging

Step 2

I’ll be using a rainbow color scheme for this one. I’m starting with the longest rope strand with the red yarn.

Tie a tight knot with the yarn around the rope by leaving 2 inches from any 1 open ends of the rope. We need 2 inches extra on both ends of the rope to create tassels later. After tying the knot align the small length of yarn remaining, with the rope and start to wrap the yarn around it as well. Wrap the yarn around the rope and try not to leave any gap.

how to make a macrame rainbow

Step 3

Continue the wrapping until there are 2 inches of the rope remaining on the other end.

diy macrame rainbow

Step 4

Keep 3 inches long yarn on and cut it from the bundle. Attach a needle through the 3 inches remaining yarn through its open end.

Draw the needle through the rope, adjacent to the last wrapping. Pull out the needle along with the yarn. Now draw the needle through and between the rope and the wrapped yarn. Pull the needle out and cut off the extra yarn.

rope rainbow diy

Step 5

Similarly, prepare the rest of the rope strands. Select the colors of your choice and continue to wrap the other rope strands.

rope rainbow diy

Step 6

Select a piece of felt, which should be big enough to hold the whole rainbow pattern; and meanwhile, prepare the hot glue gun.

Start by attaching the smallest rope on the felt by keeping the intact ends of the rope remaining outside the felt fabric. Continue to attach the yarn wrapped rope strands accordingly on the felt. Make sure to keep each strand adjacent to each other.

rope rainbow diy

Step 7

Once you’re done attaching teh ropes on the felt, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the felt along the top and bottom sides of the glued ropes. Make sure that the felt is not visible from teh front side of the rope rainbow.

macrame rainbow wall decor

Step 8

The fun part! Un-twist the open ends of the cotton rope. Try to give the open ends of the ropes to give a much fluffy look.

macrame rainbow tutorial

Step 9

Grab some pompoms and attach them along the top side of the macrame rainbow.

macrame rainbow tutorial

Attach a hanging mechanism on the back side of the rainbow and hang it on a wall.

I really enjoyed making this macrame rainbow wall hanging, it could be great for weekend craft therapy sessions.

I hope you too will enjoy this craft and do leave feedback in the comments. If you try out our tutorial, we would love to see your version of the craft. You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram.

Happy crafting!

how to make macrame rainbow wall hanging

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