DIY Beaded Earrings: Make Beautiful Festive Style Earrings

diy beaded earrings

DIY Beaded Earrings: Learn How to Make Beaded Earrings

Beaded earrings are the most popular among the youth. Everyone likes to make and wear them. Plus, Beads are the easiest material to find. Personally, I like minimal style jewelry by love to make colorful ones too. In this DIY Beaded earrings tutorial, I’m gonna show you guys how to make earrings that are colorful and will catch everyone’s eye.

Good thing I run my own handmade jewelry business now, I get to experiment with different materials and designs a lot. These beaded earrings are a try out of the new year’s festive collection I’m about to launch very soon. Besides, the spring festival is near, it is celebrated in my country (Bangladesh) every year. Be it festival or not, keeping colorful, beaded hoop boho style earrings in your jewelry collection is a must!

So what are we waiting for! Read the whole article and find out how to make them.

DIY Beaded earrings

How to Make Beaded Earrings 

List of supplies

Supplies to Make Beaded Earrings

 Instructions To Make Beaded Earrings

insert wires in beads

Step 1: 

Take the headpin wire and insert a seed bead into it. The headpin wire I bought has pins on both ends, so I usually cut the wire in half; creating 2 headpin wires with an open end and a closed-end. However, Inserting a seed bead into the headpin wire it to secure the main bead from coming out, in case it has a larger hole than the headpin. Insert a small wooden bead after inserting the seed bead. Push both beads near the headpin.

twist the wire

Step 2: 

Take the beaded headpin wire and hold the open end of the wire with the looping pliers. Create a small loop adjacent to the wooden bead (the bead near the closed-end).

Create a small loop

Step 3: 

Coil the remaining wire around the wire below the loop. Keep coiling until the wire ends.

Coil the remaining wire

Step 4:

Follow step 3 and similarly bead more headpins, with beads at one end and a small loop at the other end. For these earrings, I’m keeping 1 large beaded wire in the middle, 2 medium beaded wires on both sides of it; and lastly, 2 small beaded wires on both sides of the medium ones. You can bead and arrange them however you want.


Step 5: 

Take any one of the hoop earrings and use the flat nose pliers to straighten the 90 degrees bent part of the open end. You can use memory wire but I’m using the headpin wires since I have tons of them! Coil thin wire around the earring band, about 0.5 cm part adjacent to the loop.

making the beaded structure

Step 6: 

Insert a seed bead into the hoop through its open end. Start to insert beads and wired beads (created in previous steps) into the hoop.

diy beaded earrings

Once you will be done with beading the hoop, take another small piece of thin wire and coil about 0.5 cm around the hoop band. Keep tight and adjacent to the last bead.

DIY Beaded Earrings

Follow the same steps to create the other pair.

Mix and match different colored beads for variation in each pair.

Thanks so much for reading!

beaded baho style earrings

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  1. Thank you Muhaimina so much for these turorials , especially the colourful wooden bead earrings! I have been looking for colourful while tasteful diy jewellery ideas for months and finally found your website.
    All the best to you.

    1. Thank you so so much! I’m very happy to know you found this tutorial helpful ^_^ We’ll be posting more fun to craft jewellery tutorials, stay with us!

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