DIY Recycled Cereal Box Notebook

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Recycle Cereal Box into a Notebook!

If you’re into recycling projects then ‘cereal box’ is definitely on your top favorite list of craft materials, they’re my favorite as well. I love the colors and patterns, so useful for a bunch of fun crafts!

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I made this notebook from leftover scrap papers and Honey Loops’ cereal box. I wasn’t quite sure about how it would turn out but I was really happy with the final product. Check out the list of supplies, gather’em, follow the tutorial and make one!


  • Empty cereal box
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Scrap papers
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Duct tape
  • Paper punch


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Step 1

First gather all the scrap papers which you would like to use for making the notebook. Follow the instructions below to prepare the papers and the notebook cover.

Step 2

All the scrap papers should be of the same size. You can keep the paper sizes random if you wish to. Stack 4-6 papers together nicely and punch holes on them using the paper punch. I used a 2 hole paper punch. Place the punched papers aligned with another group of intact papers and mark the area of the holes on them. Now carefully punch hole on the marked area. Similarly punch holes on all the scrap papers you want for the notebook.

Step 3

Place the punched papers on the cereal box and mark around the edges of the papers to cut out the cover for the notebook. Also mark and cut out another piece from the cereal box for the back side of the cover.

Step 4

Place the back piece of the cover on a flat surface with its wrong side facing up and then place the front cover on the back piece, but the front covers right side should be facing up. Now mark the areas for the holes ans imply punch holes on them.

Done preparing the papers and the cover pieces. Now lets complete the notebook.

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Step 1

Take out the duct tape according to the notebook’s length (do not cut the tape from the bundle) and place it on a flat surface (craft space/ table) and then attach at least 1 cm of the cover pieces with the duct tape along its longer edges. The cover pieces should be attached with their wrong sides facing up. Press the edges to make sure they stick nicely with the tape.

Step 2

Notice that the sticky side of the tape is open, we need to cover the sticky part with duct tape by taking out more and simply attaching it towards the other end. So, we made the spine of the notebook with duct tape.

Step 3

Keep the cover open. Cut  along piece of ribbon (long enough to tie a bow knot). Insert the ribbon through the holes on the back piece of the cover. Insert it from the outside towards the inside.

Step 4

Now attach all the pinched scrap papers through the ribbon.

Step 5

And finally draw out the ribbon through the front piece of the cover.

Step 6

Tie  bow knot and it’s done!

The best thing about this notebook is that you can use all the left over scrap papers, reuse cereal box to make something really useful and add more papers whenever you need or want. Enjoy!

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