How to Crochet a Heart (Easy Tutorial for Beginners)

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to crochet a heart from start to finish. Here we followed a simple heart pattern, so even if you are an absolute beginner in crocheting, you can make these beautiful crochet hearts following our tutorial.

How to Crochet a Heart

We are happy to announce that we will be posting simple crochet projects from now on. Starting with this cute and simple tutorial on how to crochet a heart. There are many crochet heart patterns on the internet and we tried our best to create an easy and beginner-friendly crochet heart tutorial for you. We hope you’ll enjoy the craft as much as we did.

If you’re a crafter, then adding this skill to your list is undoubtedly a good idea and learning how to crochet is easier than you think. These easy crochet hearts can be a great start for you if you want to practice some beginner-friendly projects.   You can use these small crochet hearts for Valentine’s day gift making as well.

A set of 10 assorted colored yarns will cost around $12 and a set of 6 crochet hooks cost about $10. You can consider the crochet hook’s price as a good investment if you’re looking forward to working on more crochet projects. With the 10 bundle of yarns, you can crochet more than 100 mini heart patterns if you want to. But we’re sure you’ll have plenty of yarns left to use for future projects. So overall, the cost isn’t much and it’s a fair investment.  So, let’s have a look into the supplies you’ll need to crochet mini hearts and jump on the tutorial. 

How to Crochet a Heart

How to Crochet a Heart

Things You’ll Need to Crochet Mini Hearts



Supplies need to crocket a heart

Instructions to Make Small Crochet Hearts

Step 1:

Okay, so let’s start with a magic ring and then chain 2.

step 1- the magic ring

Step 2:

Next, work Dc (Double Crochet) through the magic ring.

step 2:  Double crochet

Step 3:

Work a total of 6 Dc through the magic ring. Keep the magic ring loose while you work the Dc stitches.

step 3- DC through magic ring

Step 4:

After the 6 Dc, work 2 chain stitches.

step 4 - chain stitches of crochet heart

Step 5:

Next, work a Tc (Treble Crochet) through the magic ring. This is to form the bottom, pointy end of the heart pattern.

step 5: Treble Crochet

Step 6:

Chain 2 again and then work 6 Dc through the ring to form the other half of the crochet heart pattern.

step 6: 6 Dc through the ring

Step 7:

Work 2 chain sticthes.

make mini crochet hearts

Step 8:

Lastly, work a slip stitch through the magic ring. Tighten the slip knot as much as possible. Pull out a few inches of the yarn’s closed end.

step 8: work a slip stitch

Step 9:

Keeping a few inches of the yarn, cut off yarn from the bundle.

step 9: cut off extra yarn

Step 10:

Hold the open end of the magic ring (not the open end of the current cut-off side). Pull the magic ring’s open end to close the center hole.

step 10: close the center hole

Step 11:

Try to close the center hole as much as you can.

close the center hole

Step 12:

Attach a tapestry needle with the open ends of the yarn and stitch them on the backside of the crochet heart pattern. Simply, work running stitch with the open ends to secure them. Do not stitch to the front side of the crochet heart pattern.

finish crocheting the heart

Step 13:

Wasn’t that easy and fun? We sure find small crocheting projects very therapeutic, Grab different colored yarns and crochet as many crochet hearts as you like.

How to make small Crochet Heart

How You Can Use These Crochet Hearts

There are so many craft projects where you can use these small crochet hearts. We made a small garland using crochet hearts. But you can also use them for scrapbooking, bullet journaling, gift wrapping decoration, attaching a string to it and use it as a bookmark, and much more. Or, stitch them to a piece of clothing, make jewelry or accessories, anything you want!

Crochet Heart Garland

Tips for Beginners: Things to Remember When Crocheting a Heart Pattern

Here are some tips if you’re having difficulty crocheting the heart patterns.

  • Start with a magic ring, not with a slip knot. You can search online and learn how to make a magic ring, it’s very simple.
  • Keep the magic ring slightly loose when crocheting the heart pattern.
  • Tighten the magic ring as much as possible and make sure that the center hole is not visible once you’re done crocheting the heart pattern.
  • Follow the instructions as per our pattern to make the heart the same as ours.
  • If you’re not familiar with the crochet abbreviations, you can take help from the internet and easily learn the basic stitches and their names.

We will try to post a detailed article about all the basic things about crocheting very soon.

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Crocheting and knitting are two of the most popular crafts, popular all over the globe. No matter in which country or region you live in, these 2 crafts are sure to be found and have a unique and traditional touch to them.

Our small crochet hearts can be used for many other craft projects, which makes this craft more fun.  We would love to see if you do re-create our small crochet hearts and use them for a fun project; please do tag us on Facebook or Instagram (use #thecraftaholicwitch).

Happy Crafting!

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