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DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

DIY Pokemon bookmarks

Make Cute Pokemon Hug Bookmarks!

These DIY Pokemon bookmarks can be a great craft project for Pokemon fans as well as for bookmarkers! Whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not I bet you’ll LOVE these super cute DIY Pokemon bookmarks! Besides, this craft project can also be great for a weekend craft therapy session. You can also craft these to inspire the kids to read more books. 

DIY Pokemon bookmarks

Don’t they look adorable? These come with patterns for all 5 characters and they’re super easy to make. Check out the list of supplies and get going!

List of Supplies

  • Coloured cardstock papers
  • Coloured craft papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pencils
  • Black marker or gel pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Download, print and cut out the template patterns, these are set for A4 size sheets.





Check out the tutorial and learn how to make’em!

DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

Step 1

Let’s start our craft with the Charmander bookmark. Select orange coloured craft paper for the head, body, paws and tail, yellow coloured craft paper for the flame and white for the eyes. Trace the Charmander patterns from the template to the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely. Trace and cut the base of the bookmark on a cardstock paper. 

DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

Step 2

Glue the yellow flame pattern on the flame part of the tail pattern. Use colouring pencils to colour the eyes and then attach the eyes with the head pattern. Grab the body pattern and glue it with the base on the top end but keeping the bottom 1 cm of the body part intact (do not apply glue there). 

DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

Step 3

Place the paw patterns under the bottom side of the body pattern. Overlap the top sides of the paws with the bottom side of the body and then glue the bottom side of the body with the base. 

DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

Step 4

Glue the head on the top side of the body part by overlapping about a cm of the bottom side of the head with the top side of the body pattern. 

DIY Pokemon Bookmarks

Step 5

Glue the tail at the backside of the base, keeping the tip of the tail facing upwards. Make sure not attach the tail right at the back side of the body pattern. 

DIY Pokemon bookmarks

Step 6

Use a black gel pen to draw the mouth and the nose of Charmander. For the nose I basically added 2 dots only and a very simple curved line with 2 small fangs popping out. Try putting a smiley face on each characters. 

DIY Pokemon bookmarks

Similarly, craft the rest of the characters, the making process is the same for all Pokemon hug bookmark patterns. 

DIY Pokemon bookmarks

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    1. Sadly, we don’t have an Evee template. We will keep that in mind, to come up with an Evee inspired craft soon. Thank you!

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