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DIY new year's wreath

DIY Papercraft New Year’s Wreath! A Beautiful Paper Craft Wreath Idea for You

It’s 2020 everyone! Aren’t you super excited for another adventurous journey? How about celebrating the beginning of 2020 with a little crafty decor? This fun and colourful, DIY new year’s wreath can bring a festive vibe to your New Year’s decor! You can store this paper craft wreath and use it for any other occasion as well. 

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and may this new year bring lots of happiness and blessings for us all!

DIY new year's wreath

You don’t even need to be an expert to craft this fun wreath; it’s super easy and beginner-friendly. The wreath itself looks like it’s celebrating! lol! So what are you waiting for, grab all the supplies and get crafty! 

DIY new year's wreath

List of Supplies

Learn how to make a Festive Paper craft Wreath!

step 1 2 - DIY New Year's Wreath - Papercraft

Step 1

Select 2 different coloured craft papers and cut them into strips. The length of both strips can be equal but keep at least half an inch difference on the widths. Use scissors to cut zigzag borders along any 1 side of both strips. 

step 2 2 - DIY New Year's Wreath - Papercraft

Step 2

Create accordion folds along the strips. Use the zigzag borders as guidelines for the accordion folds. This will create small and even folds. 

step 3 2 - DIY New Year's Wreath - Papercraft

Step 3

Take any one of the accordion-folded strips and attach the open ends by overlapping the folds on the sides. Similarly, form a ring pattern with the other accordion-folded strip. 

step 4 2 - DIY New Year's Wreath - Papercraft

Step 4

Press the straight side of the ring towards a plain surface to flatten the accordion folded ring. Attach a round paper cutout on the centre of the flattened pattern to secure it. Similarly, flatten the other ring. This will form a flower-like pattern

step 5 2 - DIY New Year's Wreath - Papercraft

Step 5

Attach the small flower-like pattern in the center of the big pattern. 

DIY new year's wreath

Step 6

Trace and cut out star shape from glitter paper and stick it in the center of the accordion-folded firecracker patterns. 

DIY new year's wreath

Step 7

Similarly, create 5 or 6 more paper firecracker patterns. Use different and vibrant colours for a fun and festive combination. 

DIY new year's wreath

Step 8

Decide the size of the wreath and trace it on a card-stock paper. Cut out the traced wreath base pattern. 

DIY new year's wreath

Step 9

Attach the paper firecracker patterns on the wreath one by one. Keep the paper firecrackers adjacent to each other on the wreath base. 

DIY new year's wreath

Step 10

Fill the whole wreath base. Attach a hanging mechanism on the backside to complete the wreath.


Don’t forget to share a picture with us if you craft one! We’d love to see your version of this DIY New Year’s Wreath (You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram

Paper Craft wreath

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