Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

fall 3d papercraft

Create a Fall 3d Papercraft Scene!

3d papercraft scene

The summer to winter phase has come; Yes, I’m talking about Fall! I absolutely LOVE everything about it! And here I am with a fun and crafty Fall themed 3d papercraft scene you’ll love to try out any weekend. This 3d papercraft scene can be great as a gift or you can also frame it and hang it on a wall at your place. 

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

List of Supplies

  • Colored craft papers
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • X-acto
  • Craft glue


Download and print the template patterns.

Fall Scene Items

Fall Scene Layer Templates

Cut out the template patterns nicely and get crafty!

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 1

Select different shades of green craft papers or cardstock papers for this craft. I’m going to use the green papers for the 3d fall forest layers. This 3d paper-craft basically has 5 layers- 1 background (blue for the sky), 3 inner layers for the main scene (green) and 1 front layer (any colour you want). Prepare all the selected papers by cutting them into the same size. Also, arrange them and trace the provided template patterns on them accordingly. 

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 2

After tracing each selected papers with each layer pattern, use an x-acto knife to cut out the grey area (as marked on the template). Make sure to cut out the patterns neatly.

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 3

Take the background paper and also cut some strips from craft foam sheet. I am going to use craft foam strips to create a border around the 4 sides of the paper, so that the next layer is a bit lifted up to give a 3d vibe. Glue 4 foam strips on 4 sides of the background paper. 

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 4

Now apply glue along the top surface of the strips attached to the background paper and then place the second layer over the glued strips. You can sue thicker foam strips if you want to lift up the paper more, the one I used was about half 3 mm thick. 

3d papercraft scene

Step 5

Continue to add the next layers. Don’t forget to add a craft foams trip layer between every 2 paper layers to create the 3d look. 

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 6

Select different colored cardstock papers to trace and cut out the Fall forest scene items. The provided template includes – mushroom, vines, leaves and trees.

3d papercraft scene

Step 7

I used brown coloring pencil to add shades along the tree log cutouts. Use craft glue to stick the tree logs on the paper layers. Keep the wider ones to the front and thinner ones on the back layers. 

Fall Inspired 3d Papercraft Scene

Step 8

Now add the other items to the scene. I’m placing the mushroom along the bottom side of the third and fourth layers. Add the vines to the front layer. Arrange them nicely.

3d papercraft scene

Step 9

Add the small leaf cutouts to the tree branches. Decorate the scene as you like. This was my second attempt in creating a Fall inspired 3d scene. though it didn’t turn out as the perfect Fall 3d scene but I’m happy comparing to the first one I made! It was a total mess! Hope you guys liked this one and do give it a try; it’s super fun and works like a therapy!


3d papercraft scene

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