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DIY Heart String Art

DIY Heart String Art

Whether you’re looking for a cute gift for a loved one or something to decorate an empty wall, this DIY heart string art can do both! Handmade gifts are the best, undoubtedly and this heart string art is so easy to make and the whole making process is quite therapeutic! 

DIY Heart String Art

List of Supplies

  • Wooden board
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Nails

DIY Heart String Art

DIY Heart String Art! (Learn How to Create a String Art using nails)

In this project, we are using a nail board to create heart string art. However, you can also make it without using the nail board, but using it make the heart steady.

DIY Heart String Art

Tracing Heart Shape with Nails

To create this DIY heart string art you can download our free heart template and print it out. Prepare a piece of wooden board into a square shape. The printed heart size should be relatively smaller than the wooden board size, making sure it fits inside the board nicely. Trace the heart pattern on the board. Grab some nails and a hammer; start hammering the nails along the traced heart pattern on the board, keeping a cm gap between every 2 nails.

DIY Heart String Art

Tying the String

At first, I was going to use pink coloured yarn but at the end decided to go for a blue yarn. Tie a knot with the yarn around the nail right at the top end of the heart pattern. 

DIY Heart String Art

Getting Started with String the Art Part!

Draw the open end of the yarn towards the opposite nail and then drawing the yarn to the next nail (of the opposite nail). Draw the yarn from the outer side of the nailed heart. 

DIY Heart String Art

String Wrapping

Now draw the nail to the opposite nail of the current nail and similarly, draw the yarn from the outer side,around the next nail. 

DIY Heart String Art

Create a Pattern Sequence

Keep repeating this process clock-wise. Or if you want to go anti-clock-wise, you’ll have to do it from the very beginning. 

DIY Heart String Art

Continue the String Wrapping

If you notice that the wrapped yarns are being pulled upwards, firmly press them downwards. Make sure to keep the wrapping nice and tight; a loose wrapping will ruin the craft. 

DIY Heart String Art

Fill the Heart Pattern

You can stop wrapping once the yarn reaches near the first nail.

DIY Heart String Art

Tying the Closure Knot

Tie a tight knot with the yarn around the last nail. 

DIY Heart String Art

Cutting off Extra String

Cut off extra yarn carefully after tying the knot. You can apply a drop of the on the knot just to make it a little extra secure. 

Attach a hanging mechanism at the backside of the board to complete the string art wall decor. 


Free Printable Heart String Art Template

We’ve made a heart string art template for you guys, and the best part is, it’s completely free. Now download the printable template and jump on the project.


If you make this DIY heart string art, please do share a picture with us, we’d love to see how yours turn out! (You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram. )

happy Crafting!

DIY Heart String Art

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