17 Best DIY Construction Paper Crafts With Full Tutorials

Here we made a list of 17 construction paper crafts along with simple and comprehensive tutorials. After analyzing over 100 tutorials, we handpicked these 17 ideas to provide a diverse range of options, ranging from easy to intermediate and advanced.

DIY Construction Paper Crafts

Crafting has been an all-time popular activity but it has been incorporated with creative education and therapeutic activities a lot lately. Don’t we all (well, many of us!) enjoy making something with our hands? Construction paper is one of the most widely used craft materials and there are countless ways to explore one’s creativity.

You guessed it right! We’re here a list of some amazing and fun DIY construction paper crafts. Construction paper crafts can include anything from simple paper cutout crafts to more complex DIY projects.

The great thing about construction paper craft is that construction papers (AKA cardstock paper or model paper) are one of the most popular craft materials and available all around the globe.

We have rounded up 17 fun-tastic DIY construction paper crafts which can be made using colored construction paper and require basic supplies that are perfect for anyone looking to create something for a quick craft session.

You are a beginner at crafting? Don’t worry at all! Working with DIY construction paper is easy and fun and you can make any of them with the materials that are easily available in regular stationery or craft supplies store. 

In fact, kids would also love to do these crafts by using colorful construction paper and this will be an amazing way to encourage their creativity and self expression. So grab some construction paper and let’s get crafting!


17 Handpicked DIY Construction Paper Crafts

Found your favorite yet? We would also love to know your feedback on our collection of crafts with construction paper, don’t forget to share it in the comments below. We would love to share some links to our paper craft projects that you may also like.

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Don’t forget to share pictures of your construction paper crafts if you try any of these tutorials. You can share your picture with the hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook, or just send your picture to us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!

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