Easy Crepe Paper Sunflower for Beginners (With Free Template)

Making crepe paper sunflowers can be tricky at first (it took me 7 tries when I was a beginner!), but this guide makes it easy with clear instructions and a video tutorial. Learn to craft your own sunshine in no time!

crepe paper sunflower

How are you celebrating this quarantined Summer? I have kept myself busy with Summer flower crafts this season and I will be sharing each of the flower tutorials with you guys.

Let’s start our Summer flower craft series with these beautiful crepe paper sunflower craft. You will not believe how easy and quick this craft is unless you give it a try! Besides, I will be using crepe papers a lot because they are perfect for giving flowers a nice and realistic shape. 

These crepe paper sunflowers look so lovely and fresh right! Crepe paper sunflowers can be used for a variety of other crafts and on top of that, they will remain fresh forever!

To craft them you need some basic craft supplies and of course, crepe papers. Meanwhile, you are around here, you can also check out our Crepe Paper Roses and Crepe Paper Ginger Flowers for more fun crepe paper flower projects to try out.

how to make crepe paper sunflower

Check out the list of supplies, grab them and get crafty!

How to Make Crepe Paper Sunflowers

List of Supplies

  • Crepe papers – yellow, green, and brown.
  • Stationary paper or craft paper
  • Pencil (optional, if you are using the template)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
crepe paper sunflower supplies

Free Sunflower Template

Download this Sunflower Template. Print it on an A4 size sheet and cut out the patterns using scissors. The pattern for the petal is very simple. If you are an expert at crafting and tracing you can go for a freehand pattern cutting as well.

Instructions for Crafting the Crepe Paper Sunflowers

Cutting the Petals

You can use the petal template to trace the pattern or you can simply go fora freehand drawing and cutting. I didn’t have to use the template. We’ll need a total of 18 petals. To recreate my sunflower pattern you will need to arrange 6 petals in 3 layers.

step 1: DIY crepe paper sunflower

Cutting Petal Slits

Take any one of the petals and cut a 1cm slit from the bottom middle part of the petal. Apply glue on either side of the slit.

step 2: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Overlapping the Slits

Overlap the 2 sides of the slit and place them over the glued part. This will give our sunflower petal a 3d look. 

step 2: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Preparing the Base

Similarly, prepare the rest of the petals. Cut out a round shape from any kind of paper, this will be the base of our crepe paper sunflower.

step 4: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Adding the first Petal Layer

Grab 6 petals and flue them around the base, keeping the petal arrangement relatively near the border of the base. Also, try to keep even gaps between the peatls. 

step 5: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Adding the Rest of the Petal Layers

Go for the 2nd layer by sticking 6 petals and 6 more petals for the 3rd layer. With each layer, we will move towards the centre. Make sure that the petal arrangement is nice and gives a blooming vibe. 

step 6: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Cutting Fringes on Centre Strip

Grab the brown strip and fold into half lengthwise. Cut small and even fringes along the closed end of the brown strip. 

step 7: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Rolling the Fringed Strip

Roll the fringed brown strip from any 1 end, along its closed side. Roll the whole strip. Apply glue to secure the rolled strip. 

step 8: how to make crepe paper sunflower

Attaching the Centre Part

Attach the rolled strip in the centre of the arranged petals, on the base.

crepe paper sunflower

Adding the Leaves

Attach leaves under the petals. And done! Wasn’t that fun and easy? You can now use these sunflowers to make a wreath, wall hanging, or any decor. I am definitely going to use these crepe paper sunflowers for another project and might as well keep one to use as a prop for my flat lay photography. Keep an eye on the blog to find out what I make with these crepe paper sunflowers. 

DIY crepe paper sunflower

Video Tutorial (Step By Step) to Make Easy Crepe Paper Sunflower

Now you have the idea, right? So pick up the supplies and get crafty 🙂 🙂
Or, if you’re still confused, just watch this video tutorial and jump into the project.

Tips for Beginners to Avoid Mistakes

  • Use a light touch with the glue. It’s easy to use too much glue, which can make the crepe paper curl or wrinkle.
  • Cut carefully. Crepe paper can tear easily, so be careful when cutting out your shapes.
  • Be patient. It takes time and practice to create neat and even folds in crepe paper.

Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments below. Share pictures of your version of the crepe paper sunflowr with us if you do give them a try. You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch on Instagram or Facebook or just DM your picture to us on Instagram or Facebook page.

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crepe paper sunflower

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