Crepe Paper Roses: DIY Crepe Paper Flower

crepe paper rose

DIY Crepe Paper Roses – Let’s Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Paper rose craft never gets old. Whether you’re using cardstock, craft paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, mulberry paper or any kind of paper; paper roses turn out beautiful! These DIY crepe paper roses were my first attempt in making roses from crepe papers and I’m pleased with the outcome. When it comes to making paper flowers, I find crepe paper roses very attractive. Curling the petal cutouts is easier when working with crepe papers. This tutorial comes with a free template for the rose pattern. Grab some crepe papers, print out the template and get crafty!

long image - Crepe Paper Roses: DIY Crepe Paper Flower

Keeping them in a wicker basket and placed them on my dining table totally loving these roses!

Oh, and have you seen my paper hyacinths yet? They’re pretty popular around the DIY world ^_^ Spare a few minutes and check them out here!

Things You Will Need


  • Colorful crepe papers 
  • Green craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

Rose Petal Template

Are all supplies ready? Great! Now go ahead download and print out the template for the petals.

Instructions for making the crepe paper roses

Step 1

Trace the rose template patterns on the selected crepe paper. Cut out the traced patterns using scissors. You can cut as many petals as you want. 

crepe paper rose petals

Step 2

Select green colored crepe paper for the rest of the patterns from the template (the stem cover strip, leaf, and sepals. Trace and cut out the green patterns.

step 2 1 - Crepe Paper Roses: DIY Crepe Paper Flower

Step 3

Cut out a 12 cm x 3 cm craft paper strip and roll it diagonally from a corner to create a paper pipe. Prepare a strip of green coloured crepe paper and cover the craft paper pipe by wrapping the crepe paper strip around it. This will be the stem of the flower.

Now grab the stem and the petal cutouts. Take any one of the small petal cutouts and apply a small amount of craft glue along the bottom end of it. Wrap the glued part of the petal around the tip of the stem, overlap about a cm of the petal and the stem to join them. 

step 4 1 - Crepe Paper Roses: DIY Crepe Paper Flower

Step 4

Apply glue on the bottom ends of the rest of the small petals, so that you won’t need to apply glue each time you attach a petal. Grab the glued petals one by one and wrap the glued part around the previously wrapped petal. Keep adding petals one after another. First wrap the small petals and then go for the medium ones.

step 5 1 - Crepe Paper Roses: DIY Crepe Paper Flower

Step 5

Done adding the medium petals? Now start adding the large petals. For every next petal, do not wrap it over the previous one. Overlap about 1 cm of both petals and then wrap the rest of the current petal around the stem.

Crepe Paper flowers tutorial

Step 6

This is how the flower looks like from the bottom end. Try keeping the bottom side of the petals glued firmly to keep the pattern secured.

crepe paper roses tutorial

Step 7

Continue to add petals until you are satisfied with the volume of the rose pattern.  Take the sepal cut out and apply glue on any one side of it.

Crepe Paper Roses

Step 8

Insert the sepal cutout into the stem’s open end through the hole, keeping the glued side towards the flower’s bottom side. Firmly attach the glued side of the sepal with the bottom side of the flower.

Attach the leaf with the stem to complete the Crepe paper flower.

Crepe Paper flowers

I made a bunch of these crepe roses from pink and orange crepe papers, they look so pretty together! You can also use different shades of the same colour to create an ombre patterned rose. You can also make real-looking roses using colored paper, learn how to make paper roses

For more amazing paper flower tutorials visit the Craftaholic Witch Youtube Channel.

Don’t forget to share a picture with us if you make one! You can share your picture with hashtag #craftaholicwitch or just DM your picture to us on Instagram

Happy Crafting!

crepe paper roses

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  1. I wanted the roses without stems to form a flat centrepiece, so wrapping this way didn’t work. Very beautiful for stems though.

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