DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

DIY fruit bookmarks

Fun Summer Craft!

Back with another fun summer craft! Summer fruits are my favorite, the smell, the taste, and the colors! If you’ve planned to spend your summer vacation reading tons of books, then why not add a little summer fruity fun to it as well! The Craftaholic Witch is here with these DIY fruit bookmarks, a perfect summer craft to try out this season.

fun summer fruit bookmarks 20190502 172646 - DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

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 List of Supplies

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


Download and print out this Fruit Template. Cut out the patterns using a pair of scissors.


summer fruit template

Step 1

Select green, brown, off-white and black colored craft papers. Trace the patterns from the provided template on the selected papers. Cut out the traced patterns using scissors. 

step 2 - DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

Step 2

Grab the green colored paper cutout and attach the off-white paper cutout on it, making sure to join them on their corners. 

step 3 - DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

Step 3

Take the small teardrop cutouts (seeds) and attach them on the green part, around the curved border of the off-white part. Overlap a few seeds with the off-white part as well. 

step 4 - DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

Step 4

Now attach the green paper cutout on the brown paper cutout, again, making sure to match the corners. The paper kiwi slice is ready!

step 5 - DIY Fruit Bookmarks (Summer Craft)

Step 5

Use a square paper (8 inches x 8 inches) to create an origami bookmark. Attach the paper kiwi slice on the origami bookmark’s triangle side; matching the corner of the paper kiwi wit the corner of the bookmark. 

Similarly, trace the other fruit patterns and make some fun citrus and watermelon bookmarks as well.

Don’t forget to share a picture with us if you make one or two or many!

Have a crafty day!

summer fruit bookmarks

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