DIY Crepe Paper Baby’s Breath

crepe paper baby's breath

DIY Crepe Paper Flower (Baby’s Breath)

What comes to your mind when you think of or hear ‘crepe paper’? I’m guessing that most of you would say ‘flowers’! Yup, that’s what I’ve been making with crepe papers so far, I can hardly remember of any other crafts I’ve tried out apart from flowers. Crepe papers are perfect for flower crafting because you can curve and shape the paper however you want, and thus giving the flower a natural and elegant look. These crepe paper baby’s breath were super fun to make and don’t they look cute!

I’ve been looking for paper baby’s breath tutorial for a long time and seems like there aren’t many. Tried to come up with a simple, easy yet cute pattern for these crepe paper baby’s breath flower. 

20190503 132106 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

You can also check out my crepe paper rose tutorial, add the baby’s breath flowers with a bunch of crepe paper roses, they look really pretty together. 


  • Crepe papers
  • Craft wire – 18 or 20 gauge
  • Craft pliers – cutting pliers
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


step 1 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 1

Cut off craft wires to any length you want (I cut them into 5 inches length). 

step 2 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 2

Cut a strip from green colored crepe paper and wrap the craft wires with the strip. Try to cover the entire wire as neatly as you can. Apply glue at the beginning and at the end to secure the covering. 

step 3 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 3

Cut out a strip from white crepe paper ( 1.5 cm X 6 cm). Cut small and even fringes along any one side of the strip lengthwise). 

step 4 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 4

Apply a drop of glue on any one open end of the fringed crepe paper. Take the covered wire (the stem) and place the glued part of the fringed paper attached to any one of the open ends of the stem, keeping the fringed part facing outwards. Start to wrap the fringed paper around the stem as neatly and tightly as possible. 

step 5 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 5

Continue to wrap the fringed paper until the strip comes to an end. Apply a small amount of glue at the open end to secure the wrapping.

step 6 1 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 6

Use the tip of your finger to loosen up the fringed part of the wrapped crepe paper and give the baby’s breath flower a blooming look. Similarly make a few more of these. 

step 7 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 7

Grab 2 or more individual baby’s breath stems. take any 2 and twist the stem parts together to join them together. 

step 8 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 8

Now grab another stem and twist it with the previous ones similarly. 

step 9 - DIY Crepe Paper Baby's Breath

Step 9

Cut out a strip of green crepe paper and apply a drop of glue at its open end. Start to wrap the crepe paper around the twisted stem parts to cover the twisted parts. 

And done! 

Totally loving these crepe paper baby’s breath. I think the pattern would become neater after a few more attempts. Mix and match them with colorful crepe paper flowers. 

crepe paper baby's breath flowers


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