Create Easy Origami Leaves

Paper craft is a good choice for beginner crafters. And among all kinds of paper crafts ‘Origami paper craft’ would be the best to get started.


  • Craft paper
  • Scissors 
  • Craft glue

Follow the picture instructions given below or read the written instructions at the end of the pictures.


Take a square piece of craft paper or prepare a craft paper into a square. Fold the paper into half (lengthwise) to mark the center line. Unfold it again.

Fold the paper evenly from both sides and align their ends with the center line created in step one.

Again, fold the paper into half lengthwise.

Create a small and diagonal fold on the folded paper from any one open end corner. 

Create diagonal accordion by keeping the folds aligned with the first fold. The folds should be very neat and even.

Continue making small diagonal folds until you reach the other end of the folded paper.

Unfold the last half fold that you did in step three.

Squeeze and glue the bottom of the folded paper to create the bottom part of the leaf.

Also squeeze the top of the folded paper to form a basic leaf shape; also apply a small amount of glue to keep the pointy edge fixed.

You’ll see a small part of the paper pointing out at the back side of the leaf, use scissors to trim that part.

These paper leaves can be used for a number of other crafts. Besides, this project can be a great start for origami beginners! 

Happy Crafting!


Written by Muhaiminah Faiz