DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

main image rainbow hanging - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

DIY Fall Inspired Rainbow Wall Hanging

Back with another Fall craft! DIY rainbow wall hanging is super trendy right now and they can be made easily with some basic craft supplies. I made hand sized macrame rainbow this time, so that I can use them as wall decors as well as bag charms. 

DIY macrame rainbow wall hanging

Don’t they look adorable! You can search on Pinterest for more pattern ideas.

DIY rainbow wall hanging

List of Supplies:

  • Natural twisted rope
  • Colorful yarns – at least 3 different colores
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tapestry needle


step 1 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 1

First of all, make up your mind about the size of the rainbow wall hanging and the number of layers for the rainbow. I’m making a 3 layered macrame rainbow. Prepare pieces of rope strands according to the determined numbers and sizes for each layer.

step 2 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 2

Grab some fall-inspired colors for the yarn. Take any one of the selected yarn bundle and tie the open end of the yarn around any one of the rope strands, leaving an inch intact from the open end of the rope. Start wrapping the tied yarn around the rope strand. Wrap the yarn as evenly and tightly as possible, making sure not to leave any gap between the wrapping. 

step 3 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 3

Continue to wrap the yarn all the way to the other side of the rope but make sure to keep an inch of the rope intact on the other open end as well. Once the wrapping is complete, keep a few inches of yarn extra (about 3 inches will do) and cut off yarn from the bundle. Attach a tapestry needle to the yarn through the open end and draw the needle between 4 or more yarn wrapping. Pull the needle all the way through and then cut off the extra yarn.

step 4 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 4

Now, let’s take a different colored yarn and prepare it with a tapestry needle. Draw the yarn through the wrapping from any one of the open ends. Keep half an inch of the yarn inside the wrapping. Wrap the current yarn loosely around the previously wrapped yarn. Wrap the yarn loosely to create different patterns, I made a cross pattern wrapping. 

step 5 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 5

Prepare the other 2 rope strands the same way. But make sure to keep an even amount intact on both open sides of the ropes. 

step 6 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 6

I’ve seen other DIY bloggers using the stitching technique to attach the yarn wrapped ropes together but I find that technique difficult so I had to come up with an easier way. Cut out a piece of felt which will be used as the base. The felt should be big enough to hold the rope rainbow pattern. Use the hot glue gun to atatch the yarn wrapped ropes on the felt cutout.

step 8 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 7

Attach all wrapped ropes on the felt cutout. Done attaching the ropes on the felt base? Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the felt along the borderline of the attached ropes.

step 9 1 - DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Step 8

I’ve attached colorful craft pompoms around the top end of the rope rainbow and also attached a thin rope loop on the backside as a hanging mechanism.

DIY rainbow wall hanging

Tada! Here you go! A beautiful, fall-inspired rainbow wall hanging

DIY rainbow wall hanging


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