DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

DIY dreamcatcher pendant

DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant Tutorial

Dreamcatchers are adorable, all time popular and you’ll never get bored of the patterns! It’s amazing to see the endless possibilities of patterns you can come up with for dreamcatchers. This DIY dreamcatcher pendant is so easy to make and will take you only a few minutes. I LOVED making these dreamcatcher pendants and I’m already planning to make more versions of it! Please do check out the tutorial and try making one!

DIY dreamcatcher pendant

Check out the list of supplies and get crafty!

DIY Dreamcatcher Pendants

List of Supplies

  • Craft wire – 16 gauge
  • Jump rings
  • Bead tips
  • Yarn 
  • Felt fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Craft pliers
  • Colorful craft feathers

Make a Dream-catcher Pendant!

step 2 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 1

You’ll need 16 gauge (or 14 gauge) craft wire to make the dream-catcher base. Hold the wire bundle but do not cut it. Use the looping pliers to create a small loop at the open end of the wire. Leave 1 cm of wire below the loop and bend the wire to 90 degrees. Leave the loop and 1 cm bent part and create a round base with the wire. The base can be of any size you prefer.

step 4 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 2

After forming the round base; coil the open end of the wire around the 1 cm part below the loop. Cut off extra wire from the bundle once the coiling is done. 

step 6 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 3

Hammer the round wire band to give the band a nice finished look. 

Select a yarn for the dream-catcher weaving.  Grab the yarn bundle and tie a knot around the base band, towards the loop and coiled part. Leaving a small amount of yarn intact, wrap the yarn around the band once. Draw the yarn through the loop created between the yarn and the band.

step 7 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 4

Pull the wrapped yarn to make sure that the wrapped part is nice and tight around the band. 

step 8 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 5

Continue to wrap and tighten wraps until reaching near the first knot. 

step 9 1 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 6

For the second layer, wrap the current yarn around the previous yarn layer (like the previous yarn was wrapped around the wire band).

DIY Dreamcatcher Pendants

Step 7

Continue to wrap (or weave) towards the center of the band. Keep wrapping and creating layers until there is a really small hole in the center. Once the yarn reaches the center, tie a tight knot and cut off the extra yarn.

step 12 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 8

Select colored felt fabrics to make flowers. Cut out spiral-shaped patterns from the felt. You can keep it plain or create a scallop border on the spiral pattern. Roll the spiral felt from its outer end and continue to roll towards the center. Apply hot glue on the center part or simply stitch to secure the roll. There! Make 2 or 3 of these rolled flowers.

step 11 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 9

Take a craft feather and attach a bead tip on the hollow shaft of the feather. Prepare 2 or 3 more craft feathers with bead tips. You will need a jump ring to attach each feather to the dream catcher band.

step 13 - DIY Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 10

Attach the felt flowers and the feathers to the dream catcher. Cut out some leaf patterns from green colored felt and attach them between the flowers.

The pendant is now ready! Wear it with a jewelry chain or string and filter in all the sweet and good dreams!

DIY dreamcatcher pendant

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