Easy to Crochet Twine Coasters

twine coasters (12)Coasters (drink coasters) are very important if you really care about the your table surface. I don’t like heat stains on my table, they really irritate me. But, no matter how many coasters I make I end up losing them or giving them away.

Today, I’ll show you how I made these crocheted twine coasters. I enjoyed making them and loved the way they turned out!



  • Twine
  • Crochet hook -3.5


fiber coaster (1)Make sure that the twine bundle is tangle free. Start with a slip knot and 10 chain stitches. Form a ring with the chain stitches and then chain 1.

fiber coaster (2)Do 15 dc around the ring. After completing all 15 dc, chain 4 on hook.

Skip 1 chain next to the hook and then do a dc on the next chain. Chain 2 on hook, skip 1 chain next to the hook and then do a dc on the next chain again. Keep repeating the steps until crocheting all around.

fiber coaster (3)Chain 1 on hook. Do 4-5 dc through the loop below the hook, this will create petals.

fiber coaster (4)

I have about 8 loops so I’ll end up making 7 petals. Once you reach the end do a slip stitch at the end and cut off extra twine. Randomly take the remaining twine through crocheted patterns.

twine coasters (7)

Don’t you just love the rustic look of these coasters!

Keep in touch for more fun twine crocheted coaster patterns!

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