Create Colorful Rosary Beaded Bracelet

IMG_25Make a 2 in one jewelry piece. How? Check out this tutorial to find out! IMG_2516 I don’t usually wear necklace, most of the time I end up wrapping my long necklaces around my wrist to wear’em as bracelets! So I thought of making a wrapped bracelet, which can also be worn as necklace. It was fun to make and turned out really colorful, just as I wanted. Check out the tutorial!


  • Faux pearl beads
  • Craft wire
  • Craft pliers


rosay beading (1)Hold the craft wire from its open end but don’t cut wire from the bundle. Use looping pliers to create a small loop on the open end of the wire. Now, leave 1.5-2 cm of the wire straight (for the bead and the second loop) and cut the wire from the bundle.

rosay beading (2)Slide a bead into the wire through the open end. Create another loop with the rest of the wire to secure the bead. Wire as many beads as you want, use different, bright colored pearl beads or any kind of beads.

rosay beading (3)You can use jump rings for attaching the wired beads or you can simply attach them through their loops. I didn’t use jump rings, I wanted to keep it simple. Open a loop draw it through another wired beads loop and then close the open loop.

rosay beading (4)When you’ll reach the required length of the bracelet you can simply join the loops of the wired beads of both ends. While making the bracelet keep in mind to wrap the linked beads around your wrist to see if it will fit. Keep 2 inches extra.

IMG_2519You can use this bracelet as necklace too.

Now, wrap, wear and enjoy!

Written by Muhaiminah Faiz