How to Make Eid Greeting Cards

how to make eid greeting cards

Greet your loved ones and send warm Eid wishes to them with handcrafted Eid cards. If you’re not sure how to make Eid cards, we’re here to help!

DIY Eid Cards for Your Loved Once

Do you still send out and receive greeting cards? As most of us are celebrating Eid while maintaining social distance, we believe sending out handcrafted Eid greeting cards can keep the Eid spirit just like the old times. You can learn how to make an Eid card in few easy steps with the help of our tutorial.

Maybe you won’t be able to visit family or friends during this Eid like in the old times, maintaining social distance at the moment is a priority. But we can send out warm wishes to our loved ones and it would definitely put a smile back on their faces; and what can be sweeter than handcrafted Eid greeting cards! All you need is some basic craft supplies and spare a few minutes to craft these cute Eid greeting cards.

how to make eid greeting cards

How to make Eid Cards Step by Step

Things you will need



  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Gel pen

Eid Card Template

You can download our free Eid card template and print it out. The template includes 2 sets of 2 different sizes, you can choose the one you like or you can also mix and match both sets.


Step 1: Preparing the Patterns

We selected bright and fun colors for the lantern patterns. But make sure to use yellow-colored craft papers for the light patterns. Trace the lanterns base, the strips, and the inner patterns which represent the glass reflecting light, that’s why we need to use yellow-colored craft papers for those patterns. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the traced patterns nicely.

Preparing the Patterns, Eid card Making

Step 2: Attaching the Lantern Patterns

Grab a lantern base cutout and the strips. Attach the strips on the lantern base. The strip may exceed the lantern base but don’t worry, you can always trim extra parts. Use scissors or x-acto knife to trim the extra sides of the attached strips.

Attaching the Lantern Patterns

Step 3: Crafting the Lanterns

Attach the yellow pattern cutouts on the lantern base. Place them in the middle of the lantern base and keep them aligned nicely. The number of lanterns for each card would depend on the size of the card so craft according to that. We are using 3 paper lanterns for each card.

Crafting the Lanterns

Step 4: Preparing the Card

We used white-colored cardstock paper to make the card. Simply cut out a cardstock of the required height and 2 times the width and then fold the width side into half to prepare the card. Attach the paper lanterns on the front side of the prepared card.

Crafting the Lanterns

Step 5: Drawing the Strings

Use a gel pen to draw the string of the lanterns. We kept the lanterns along the top end and drew the strings from the top as well.

Crafting the Lanterns

Step 6: Add More Details if You Like

You can add more details to the card if you like to or you can keep it simple, however you wish. Wasn’t that fun and easy?

how to make eid cards

Tips for Making Eid Greeting Cards

Although making cards is relatively very easy among all sorts of crafts, but here are few things you should keep in mind when making cards.

  • Use cardstock paper or thick paper to make cards. Using craft paper isn’t ideal for card making.
  • Select lighter colored cardstock paper if you’re using a black inked pen to write text.
  • If you prefer using dark-colored paper you can use a silver or golden gel pen to write texts.
  • To prepare the card it’s better to use a ruler, cutting mat, and x-acto knife. The card will turn out perfectly with the help of these tools.

We are excited to hand out our beautiful Eid greeting cards to our family and friends. We hope that you can spare a little time to craft some too. Happy crafting and have a wonderful Eid.

DIY eid cards for kids

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