2 Complete How to Make Earrings Tutorials for Beginners

how to make earrings

It’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewelry and the handcrafted ones are undoubtedly special. Earrings are noticed by everyone even if you don’t want them to. Why not make yourself a pair that catches everyone’s eye? This DIY Earrings article has covered 2 complete tutorials on how to make earrings that everyone can make using easily findable supplies. If you are a beginner, these DIY earrings can be a great start.

You may ask that we’ve covered two tutorials at once. Well, I’m running an Instagram Shop now. That’s why, I can tell everyone’s choice is different. Some may prefer simple styles and some may go for colorful ones. But one thing is common, everyone loves natural products that express their inner selves.  We made two styles of earrings, one is simple and another is boho style. Choose your style and jump on the project. 


DIY Earrings Tutorial 1: Cute Sea Shells and Beads Earrings

I have a huge collection of different types of shells and have a weakness for scallop shells. Once I sorted out several pairs of the same size shells, crafting earrings was the first thing I could think of.

These DIY seashell earrings are perfect for anything beachy, tropical, or ocean themed. You can craft these with only a few supplies. And in case you have only 1 shell, you can always go for a pendant. Check out the tutorial!

how to make earrings

Lucky for me I had these blue and ocean green glass beads, they went perfectly with the seashell. I was very happy with the final design.

How to make earrings using Sea Shells and Beads

List of Supplies

  • Seashells
  • Beads (1 cm)
  • Beads (seed bead or any small bead)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Earring hooks
  • Memory wire

DIY earrings supplies


Step 1: Inserting the Wire

I’m using a pair of scallop seashells for the earrings. The seashells I’m using have small holes on their top ends.

diy earrings

You could purchase seashells with holes on them or use a small jewelry drilling machine to create the holes. Grab a 3 inches long memory wire and insert the wire through the hole on the seashell. Insert 1 inch of the wire inwards and keeping the rest of the wire outside.  

Inserting the Wire

Step 2: Joining Both Ends

Bend the inner side of the wire towards the outer side and align it with the remaining wire (the 2 inches wire on the outside). 

Bend the inner side

Step 3: Twisting the Wire

Twist both strands of the wire to join them together. Twist them nice and evenly. 

Twisting the Wire

Step 4: Threading the Beads

Select beads of your choice and insert them through the wire and pushing them all the way near the shell. I’m using a 1 cm bead and a 4mm bead. If you want to use more beads you will need to use longer wire. After inserting the beads, push them all the way near the seashell. 

Adding the bead

Step 5: Forming a Loop

Grab the looping plier and hold the wire with it. Form a small loop at the open end of the wire, adjacent to the last inserted bead. 

Forming a Loop

Step 6: Closing the Loop

Coil the remaining wire below the loop to secure the beading and the loop. Use the flat nose pliers to flatten the coiled wire nicely.

How to Make Earrings

step 8: Attaching Earring Hooks

Attach earring hook with the wired shell and bead through the loop. Similarly, craft the other earring to complete the pair.

Wasn’t that fun and easy! You can use different colored beads for design variation.

DIY Shell and Bead Earrings

DIY Earrings Tutorial 2: Simple Boho Style Earrings 

Bohemian or Boho style earrings can be a great way to display your inner free self. It’s an amazing style that never gets old.  I made a boho-style earring, using the leftover goods I had (Thank goodness I found 2 of each material!). Check out this DIY earring post and find out how to make earrings by transforming your leftover beads and jewelry findings. 


Simple Boho Style Earrings 

Check the list of supplies and instructions and try making one 🙂

How to Make Earrings (Boho Style) 


  • Craft Wire – Antique, 18 Gauge
  • Craft Pliers – cutting, looping, and flat nose pliers
  • Teardrop Beads – 2
  • Crystal Beads – 2
  • Jewelry Charm – 2



Step 1: Select the beads and jewelry charms for your earrings.

Make sure to create a nice boho style combination. For each earring, I chose a crystal bead for the top part, one jewelry charm for the middle part, and a teardrop bead for the bottom part.

eads and jewelry charms

Step 2: Insert the small crystal bead into the craft wire

Make a small loop at one end and cut off the other end by keeping a small amount of wire to create another loop to secure the bead. You will need 2 jump rings to attach all 3 parts.

Insert the crystals: How to Make Earrings

Step 3: Attach the jewelry charm

Jewelry charms usually have holes or loops at both ends. Simply attach the teardrop bead with the jewelry charm through their loops with the jump ring. Attach the wired crystal bead with the jewelry charm on the top side through the wired beads’ loop.

Adding the hooks

Step 4: Attach Earring Hooks 

Now you’ll need an earring hook to complete the earring. You can also make the earring hook. You can find the earring hook making tutorial

Mix and match different kinds and colors of beads, jewelry findings to make unique designs.

DIY earrings

Time to show-off these super cute boho-style earrings! 

how to make earrings (boho style)


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