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DIY Concrete Planters

DIY Concrete Planters

Easy DIY Concrete Gold Planters

Concrete casting projects can be really tricky and messy but it’s really satisfying to pull out a nice and perfect DIY concrete project. If you haven’t tried any concrete crafts yet, these DIY concrete planters can be a great start for you. Check out the tutorial and give it a try.

Concrete planters

Adding golden paint to it was so satisfying! But you can keep the rustic concrete look if you want to. And, in case you’re looking for more DIY planter ideas, you can check these out – Bulbasaur Planter , this project is also great for recycling plastic cola bottles. 


  • Concrete mix
  • Plastic bowl 
  • A stick
  • Primary and secondary containers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape or bandage tape
  • Golden acrylic paint and paint brush


concrete mix

Step 1

Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves before mixing the concrete.

Mixing cement:

In case you’re using cement, you’ll need sand as well.

Measure 2 part cement and 3 parts sand; and mix them really well.

DIY Concrete Planters

Step 2

Pour a small amount of water into the sand and cement mixture and mix them well with the water,

Pour more water if the cement mixture is too thick.

Make sure the mixture isn’t too thick nor too thin.

Mixing concrete:

If you’re using concrete mix, you can

simply mix the concrete with water.

Make sure not to add too much water and try keeping the mixture thick.

Less water means more strength and less time to dry.

DIY Concrete Planters

Step 3

For both primary and secondary containers I used paperboard containers (such as, milk cartons, medicine syrup cartons etc.).

Paperboard containers are easy to find and I’m quite sure all of us have 2 or 3 paperboard containers in stock. I used a regular sized medicine syrup paperboard container for the primary container and eye drop container for the secondary container. Or more precisely, use a big carton for the primary container and a relatively smaller carton for the secondary container.

Cut off the top of the cartons using a scissor or x-acto knife. The secondary container should be longer than the primary container.

DIY Concrete Planters

Step 4

Use bandage tape or duct tape or brown tape to wrap and cover the entire outer surface of the primary container. 

Concrete planter tutorial

Step 5

Time to fill the primary container with the cement mixture. Fill about 2/3 of the primary container with the cement mixture. 

After filling the 2/3 of the primary container, put the secondary container right in the middle of it and push it in gently. Make sure that the secondary container doesn’t touch the bottom of the primary container. To be safe make sure to measure the height of both containers and push the secondary container in the mixture by keeping at least 2 cm above the primary container’s bottom. 

DIY Concrete Planters

Step 6

Place something heavy on top of it or else the secondary container will be pressed up.

Now allow the cement/concrete to dry, it’s better to wait 24 hours for the cement/concrete to dry.

DIY Concrete Planters

Step 7

After the concrete dries carefully remove the containers. The secondary container can be removed easily.

Concrete planter DIY

Step 8

carefully remove the primary container. Use sand paper to give the planter a finished look if you’re not a rustic look lover. 

I applied 2 coats of golden acrylic paint as I already have a bunch of plain concrete planters. 

Once the paint is completely dried, you can add soil and plants to them


Concrete Planters

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