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Create Beaded Bobby Pins


I always plan to do something amazing to my hair everyday and end up doing nothing. So I finally decided to make some simple yet pretty! hair accessories so that I don’t have to end up doing those boring buns or ponytails every single day. Ahh, I wish to become a hair style expert one day… but for now lets just stick with the DIY accessories!

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These beaded bobby pins are fairly easy to make, don’t cost much and turn out super cute. Spare 5 minutes from your time and you’ll have a pair of cute beaded bobby pins!


  • Bobby pins
  • Clear plastic thread
  • Colorful beads – 4-5 mm
  • Scissors
  • Super glue (optional)


bobby pins (1)

Cut 10 inches long plastic thread. Fold it in half and Insert it through the end of the bobby pin. Tie two knots on that end and make sure to keep both sides of the thread equal.

bobby pins (2)

Hold both ends of the thread together and start threading beads into the thread. Use different kinds and colors of beads for a pretty pattern. Stop beading when the beads will reach the other end of the bobby pin.

bobby pins (3)

Again tie a knot at that end. Wrap the remaining plastic thread around the bobby pin, between the beads and go all the way to the other end. When you reach the other end tie two tight knots and apply a drop of glue on the knot to make sure it is secure. Allow the glue to dry and trim extra thread carefully.

Make as many as you want, transform plain bobby pins into colorful beaded ones!

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