Create Beautiful Ombre Rose


I had a bunch of mulberry papers in my stock but wasn’t sure what to do with them. However, I’ve gotten into making paper flowers these days (it’s really an addiction!). And here we have, ombre mulberry paper roses! 

These are super easy to make and turn out really cute. Check out the tutorial and let me what you think 🙂


  • Craft tissue papers – 3 shades of similar colors
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Green craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Template

Grab all the supplies and get crafty!


Print and cut out the petal patterns from the template. The template includes 8 small petals, 10 medium petals, 12 medium large petals and 16 large petals.

Select at least 3 ombre shades of similar coloured tissue paper for the flowers. Trace the petals on the tissue papers and cut out the petals out of them. Either start (from the smaller petals) with the lighter shade and use darker shades for the outer edges or do the opposite. 

Cut out a rectangular piece out of a green craft paper and roll it into a straw pattern to create the stem of the flower; apply glue to secure the roll. Also use the paper chosen for the center petals to cut out a strip and create fringe on it with round edges.

Apply glue on the fringed piece from the previous step and roll it around the green stem near any one of its open ends.

Now, adding the petals. Start by gluing the smaller petals around the rolled fringe. Keep a nice and blooming pattern while adding the petals.

Done adding the small petals? Lets start to add the medium large petals. Once again, don’t forget to create a blooming pattern while gluing the petals. I used the same shade for the medium and medium large petals.

And, at last, gluing the large petals. This will be the last layer, so make sure to add the petals as neatly as possible to give the flower a nice finished look. 

Create leaves from green tissue paper or fabric.

Have fun by mixing and matching different colors and shades!

Happy Crafting!

Written by Muhaiminah Faiz