Create Vintage Button Bracelet


I bought a packet of leftover buttons from a local craft store and I was so excited about it! I was super surprised to find out a number of beautiful vintage buttons. after gathering all the buttons I made a list of all the things that I want to make using these beauties! 20151011_130047

If you have a collection of  antique or vintage buttons, try making this bracelet. It won’t take much time.


  • Jewelry chain
  • Vintage buttons
  • Craft pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry closure


vintage button bracelet (1)Measure and cut a piece of chain according to your bracelet size. Keep 2 cm extra. Vintage buttons usually have a loop at the back, this will make it easier to create our bracelet. Select enough vintage buttons to make the bracelet.

vintage button bracelet (2)Take a button and a jump ring. Use the jump ring to attach the button with the with the chain. Leave 2 chain rings from any one side and attach the jump with the 3rd chain ring. Insert the button’s ring into the jump ring.

vintage button bracelet (3)Skip 2 chain rings after attaching each button to the chain. Keep attaching buttons with the chain using jump rings until the bracelet reaches its required size. Attach a closure on any one side. I used lobster claw. There, done!

A fun , easy and vintage handcrafted bracelet in just 10 minutes!



Written by Muhaiminah Faiz