Create Cute Wire Tulip Bookmark

These tulip bookmarks look really cute and are undoubtedly, would be very useful if you’re a reader or a writer. Even if you’re a beginner at wire crafting you can still make these cute tulip bookmarks in no time.

The steps to make wire tulip bookmark are super easy to follow and requires only 2 supplies, which you might already have at home if you’re  a crafter. Give it  try and share a picture of it!


  • Craft wire – 18 gauge
  • Craft pliers – cutting, looping and flat nose.


Hold wire from an end without cutting it from the bundle. Use flat nose pliers to bend 1.5 cm of the wire to 25-35 degrees as shown in the picture of this step. This will be the midrib of the leaf.

Continue the wire bend upwards but slightly bend the wire in the midway and then create the tip of the leaf (Use flat nose pliers to create perfect tip). Then bend the wire downwards to complete the leaf, again slightly bend the wire in the midway.

Flip the wire pattern to the other side. After making the leaf bend the wire upwards again to create the stem.

After crossing the leaf, create the first petal of the tulip with the help of the flat nose pliers. Use flat nose pliers to tighten the tip of the petal. Make 2 more petals aligned with the first one.

Now bend the wire inside the flower and coil it towards the center to create a swirly pattern. 

Cut wire after reaching the center.

You can mark book pages by inserting pages through the swirly part of the flower.

Written by Muhaiminah Faiz