DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

kawaii pencil toppers - DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Hello there! Haven’t been posting regularly for the last 2 months! But hoping to post regularly from now so I thought of starting the week with a cute, easy and fun craft project! What could be cuter than Kawaii pencil toppers! right? When I came up with this cloud and rainbow pencil topper idea I instantly thought of a Kawaii pattern and here it is! 

DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

This tutorial comes with a free printable template for the pattern and easy to follow instructions! These DIY kawaii pencil toppers can also be great as a beginner sewing or stitching project for kids. Also super cute as gifts for a Kawaii fan!

List of Supplies

  • Felt fabric – white or grey and colours for the rainbow
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or fabric marker
  • Needle and thread


Download and print out these Clouds and Rainbow Patterns to get started with the craft!

Learn How to Make Kawaii Pencil Toppers!

20190618 125309 - DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Cutting the Patterns

The patterns for this pencil topper is very simple. Select the felt you would like for the cloud patterns and the rainbow stripes. I’m using white for the cloud and for the rainbow pattern I’m using red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Simply trace the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out carefully. 

20190618 131507 - DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Arranging the Patterns

Place any one of the cloud patterns on a flat surface and then place the rainbow stripes aligned noon either wider side of the cloud pattern. Stich or glue the rainbow stripes with the cloud on that part. Then place the other cloud pattern on the top of the rainbow attached cloud pattern. Prepare needle with white thread. Oh, but before that, let’s prepare the Kawaii eyes and blushes! 

20190622 130108 - DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Preparing the Eyes and Blush

Simply cut out 2 small circles from light pink coloured felt and 2 relatively big circles from black coloured felt. I stitched small white circles on the eye cutouts to give the eyes a cuter and more Kawaii look! 

20190622 130130 - DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Stitch’em all Together!

You can either stitch the eyes and blush patterns on the top cloud pattern or you can stitch; whichever you prefer the best. Now, I figured that you can either keep a small opening along the bottom side of the 2 clouds to insert the pencil or you can close them and maybe attach a small pocket on the backside for the pencil. Both ways work great! 

DIY Kawaii Pencil Toppers

Don’t forget to Stitch the Pocket!

In case you close the bottom side of the cloud patterns don’t forget to stitch a pocket on the backside of the cloud if you’d like to use it as a pencil topper. And our kawaii pencil toppers are done!

The fun thing about this craft is that you can also use it as a charm by simply attaching a looped string on the top side of the clouds.

Hope you enjoy the craft as much as we did! If you find this project interesting and want to explore, there here are more DIY Pencil Topper Projects for you. Happy Crafting!!

kawaii pencil topper

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